A Pictorial Weekend

OK, so I wanted to post a bazillion times this weekend and stuff just kept interrupting. Like life stuff. So here is a too short recap of the weekend, heavy on the pics:

Saturday we went to Lavender Fields 5th Annual Lavender Days Festival

I found it while researching the Internet for stuff around our new homestead. There was a hecka (shout out to all my Utah homeys there) LOT of lavender there. Which made it smell unbelievable fabulous. I had no idea I loved the smell of lavender so much. Nor did Mr. Vixen, who apparently purchased six cases of lavender scented incense while Bear and I were making fresh lavender sachets. Here are some of the fields (hecka [hey Layton, UT] lot of bees):
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Not quite sure now, but I think they have 87 million different types of lavender grown there organically. The confusion stems from the fact that:

  1. it smells really, really good there
  2. lavender is, apparently a mood relaxer
  3. i got a free massage (pic next)
  4. i brought home some of the smelly, relaxing stuff home
  5. i went through some kind of lavender labyrinth which taught me centerdness during meditation
  6. i am so relaxed i can’t remember caps and stuff

Ya, so the free 5 minute massage:

I am the really young, absolutely stunningly beautiful one on the left…..

OK, so I was her once, about 28 years ago. But don’t tell her because then she’ll know how it all turns out.

Then I ended the day on an AT note (minus the filth, ha ha ha ha) and ended my day like this:

But not before I chased the big white bird that we don’t know the name of that keeps landing down in the creek, but runs off before we can catch a pic (dam thing flew away, it is really huge but you can’t tell)

but I didn’t close my day with my eyes closed….I put my feet up and watched this while I listened to its lovely tinkle (one my mother’s day presents):

It was a sweet day. On Sunday I worked my ass off weeding, babysitting, shopping and cooking a little, bitty turkey. But that is another story.

P.S. If you note the dates on the pics say it’s the wrong day for Saturday, I am not insane (wait, yes I am), the date on my crappy ass non-digital camera is wrong and I can’t figure out how to change it. I just found the stupid camera after it being lost for 2 years when I moved. I have what I thought was an OK digital but the battery died. And I was looking at everyone else’s pictures and I feel really, really bad that I don’t have a good camera. I have camera envy worse than Mrs. Eaves

Please pity my senseless, lavender life and send me money to buy a decent digital camera…….

(or to get a new pedicure????)


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  1. Ooooh that must have smelled heavenly! My aunt spent lots of time in France and used to dry her clothes and linens with fresh lavender sachets and wash with Yardley lavender soap and so when I smell lavender I think of her. I love the pics. I think your big white bird is a heron maybe. Or a white blur, possibly too. Heh.

  2. You do need a camera. A digital camera, im a big fan.

  3. wow – i am jealous. lavender is one of my favorites. as are massages. 🙂

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