If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all

So I get freaking DSL hooked up and what happens? My computer plug dies. Just my luck. And then, Fishboy finds one on ebay much more affordable than anywhere and he orders it for me. He says “it will be here fast because they are in California too.” I finally get an email today that it shipped…..from CANADA. And they sent it Canadian Post, which apparently can take two weeks, not counting time in customs.

Wrong CA Fishboy.


Good Times at the new homestead


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  1. macdougal

    that is a very easy mistake to make. not that I have ever confused california for canada………..

  2. Ay carumba! That stounds like something I would do! At least he found it cheaper. 🙂 Maybe your luck is improving!

  3. By the way, Tag! You are it! Seven steaming hot odd facts about you, please!

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