Sweet Sixteen

The day you were born, my last sweet baby, the doctor asked me what your name was. I hesitated, suddenly unsure. I had two names (well really three) picked already in an order of preference. But you were so lovely and tiny and in an instant I knew your name. Not one of those, but one I had thought about alot. Somehow it just fit you, bear. You could never have been anything but. Although I did strongly consider the doctor’s suggestion of Rainbow Brite.

You were always our little pixie. A gift from God to me. I had my matched set, we were a complete family, but I needed you somehow. As a baby and toddler, you were the apple of your brother’s and sister’s eyes. They would do anything for you. You never had to speak, you could just point and grunt and they knew what each sound meant.

You grew to be a fine little girl. So active and fun. We used to say you spent almost as much time on your hands as you did your feet, because you were always cartwheeling or flipping from room to room. Sometimes you seemed almost too sensitive, actually feeling the pain of your peers. But so caring and loving. You could bring together everyone and make them get along. The snobs and the outsiders, they all wanted to be around you and you would not tolerate them treating each other badly.

You have now grown the be an exceptional young lady. You bring joy to those around you. You are kind and loving and fiercely loyal. In you we all see something we want to  be, a little piece of perfection in ourselves that is missing.

I am so grateful for these last 16 years and I am excited about the rest of your life. You are a strong, smart, sassy, beautiful girl young lady. Follow your dreams, whatever you want in life can be yours.

Have a great birthday sweetie. I love you.


A Pictorial Weekend


Maybe we won’t be


  1. Macdougal

    You mispelled drems mom. Just kidding, happy sweet sixteen to my bear bear.

  2. I remember my little sis best, they same as I do my daughter now. Two years old with dirty blonde hair with thick little bangs, running around in a diaper and 49er shirt (With a little tummy popping out to show her belly button). You have always been dang adorable. I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since then. You have grown into such a beautiful young lady and I can only hope my little mini-bear turns out to be half as beautiful as you.

  3. This is beautiful!

  4. ahh. very sweet!

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