Belated birthday post

To Mr. Vixen on your 46th birthday….46 reasons I love you more today than the first day I met you:

  1. You stopped to see if I was OK when my motorcycle slowly fell over in front of you when I was 13 (even if it was on purpose so you would stop and talk to me).
  2. You didn’t go out with my friend even though she wanted you to and I was afraid of her and so I didn’t tell you I liked you.
  3. You would ride your bike all the way to my house on Saturday mornings and slept on my front lawn until I woke up.
  4. You bought me the most adorable little ring that said LOVE for Christmas when I was 14.
  5. You taught me how to ride a motorcycle really well.
  6. You found it cute that I swam like a fish.
  7. You forgave me after I said (at 15) that we really should see other people (even though I know you burned my picture…we were so mature).
  8. You tracked me down two years later even after I had moved to my Dad’s in another town.
  9. You went to my brother’s little league game with my family as our first back-together date, in spite of the fact that you hate baseball, and you didn’t even complain.
  10. You and my Dad get along like brothers.
  11. You came to my house every weekend my senior year and played pool with me and my Dad instead of partying with your friends.
  12. You took me to my first rock concert (and everyone ever since).
  13. You taught me how to set up a cat fish line.
  14. You turned your emergency lights on your 18th birthday and disco danced.
  15. You love my family as much as your own.
  16. You were my little sister’s hero.
  17. You made up stories about Geepieland and entertained her for hours.
  18. You let her sit in the front seat when you were driving and made me sit in the back while you both pretended I was the maid.
  19. You were my little brother’s hero.
  20. You taught him to ride motorcycles too.
  21. You let him tag along with us everywhere.
  22. You asked my Dad permission to marry me before you proposed.
  23. You put a washcloth down on the ground and kneeled on it when you proposed to me.
  24. You got a permanent for our wedding because they were cool, even though you were a very blue jeans & white t-shirt kinda guy and the idea of having curlers in your hair for even five seconds was insanity.
  25. You looked so handsome on our wedding day.
  26. You made our honeymoon awesome.
  27. You love the cabin as much as I do.
  28. You always supported me in whatever I wanted to do career wise.
  29. You are a great provider for our family.
  30. You are the best dad in the entire world
  31. You gave me the three most beautiful children in the world.
  32. You are always ready to help my family with anything they need.
  33. You can fix our cars.
  34. You can fix just about anything.
  35. You can build just about anything.
  36. You are the best grandpa in the world
  37. You love dogs as much as I do.
  38. You have always made me laugh and you still do.
  39. You adore me and make me feel beautiful.
  40. You are my best friend and are loyal to a fault.
  41. You never give up.
  42. You took care of me when Ladybug was in the NICU and were just perfect in every reaction.
  43. You have a really lovely smile and you share it often.
  44. You can take my sarcasm and dish it back.
  45. You spoil me.
  46. You are my soul mate.


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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwww that was the sweetest thing ever. makes it so much better that i have heard all those stories before, but not all together at once…

  2. Wow! You really have a treasure, keep it! Greetings

  3. thanks for this. it makes me remember and appreciate true love and look forward to the years to come.

  4. Well, let me add a comment. He sounds like a great guy and very dedicated. He loves you very much and who could ask for more.

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