Thursday 13 #4


Thirteen Things about Vixen

  1. I have 5 Chihuahuas, 1 Basset Hound, and 1 Isis (?Akita?, I don’t know, but she is a giant. I also had a lovely Blue Tick/Rhodesian Ridgback who passed a few months ago).
  2. I seem to collect (attract) lost or needy things: dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, and kids.
  3. I am ok with the fact that I will never again own my own home.
  4. I make friends easily.
  5. I spent several hours yesterday trying to find and complete 13 quizzes for today’s TT and I gave up after 5.
  6. I made an unbelievably awesome Nectarine Crisp on Tuesday evening and now I am going to have to make another because everyone ate it.
  7. I keep forgetting to do a post on my crochet projects (one of which I actually finished!).
  8. I am jealous everyday since we moved to the new homestead of the fact that Mr. Vixen is disabled and gets to stay home everyday. Jealous of being disabled, now that is crazy.
  9. In my family in every other generation the first born female has had twins as far back as anyone can remember. I am that generation. I married a twin. I did not have twins.
  10. I really want a nice digital camera, but I can’t stop choosing to feed and house the family instead.
  11. I am the only person who could always tell my husband apart from his identical twin brother, not even their mother could do that.
  12. I had two imaginary friends as a child (Odie and Dodie). And an imaginary dog (Tipee).
  13. I have been chased across Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone by a very angry momma moose.

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  1. That is cool that you can tell your hub from his twin, and damned important since you want to make sure you’re sleeping with the right dude and all… Will you share the nectarine crisp recipe? Because I am kinda sorta drooling on my work station thinking about it and I have these ripe, perfect nectarines on my counter at home…drooling again!

  2. Oops I read no 7 as ‘doing posts about my crotch projects’ !! I guess it brings new meaning to the whole ‘handiwork’ thing!

  3. another who would like the crisp recipe….

    happy thur….I played as well

  4. I like the post *and* the comments! Heh heh.

  5. I want the necterine crisp recipe, too! I can’t even imagine what it tastes like.
    I want twins so bad! Its my generation, but the only set I’ve had one child died before birth. I won’t stop trying though!

  6. Yea, it is important to me and my husband’s twin’s wife that I always slept with the right dude, ha ha. Anna, that was the most awesome comment ever! Mal, Tommiea and Qtpies I sent you all the link to the recipe via email. For anyone else who comes along, I take credit for my excellent mixing and baking skillz; however the recipe credit belongs to Pioneer Woman Cooks. I just substituted nectarines into her Peach Crisp recipe:

  7. I also gave up on the idea of owning my house again… with kids it is a losing battle.

  8. I’m going to giggle hysterically all afternoon thanks to Anna’s comment.

    Happy TT.

  9. I am very jealous that you get the pretty box Thursday Thirteen thing to work… I copied the code last week, and it didn’t work at all…
    Odie and Dodie… hillarious! Why didn’t you use those names for your children later I wonder…? Ha!

  10. Funny thing is….my first real dog…named him Tipee. But ya, real kids….not so keen on the Odie and Dodie thing. Good thing, as I doubt they would forgive me that!

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