Wordless Wednesday – It’s HOT shave me!

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I Am A Little Sad – Rest In Peace Mr. Walsh


A Lovely Painting


  1. Oh my. Yeah that would be hot.

  2. Awww, how sweet….

  3. Poor thing! It’s so hot here that my friend’s cat, yes cat, was panting!!!

  4. JHS

    Oh, yeah. Buddy is doing that so today we made him an appointment with the groomer.

  5. cute picture, I can relate too… It is hot here in NW Ohio!!!!

  6. vixensden

    Heather, Yes it must be stifling with all that fur. I am hot and I don’t have fur!

    Miles To Go, Now my kids and my husband are saying I should!

    Suprina, Thanks. She is a sweetie, but a little annoyed by the heat.

    Betty, A cat panting? You need a pic 🙂

    JHS, When you take Buddy in ask how much to shave a Chi?

    Shana, Thanks. Is there anywhere its not hot?? Because I want to go there.

    Nannygoat, that pic is of a cat. Just because Chewy is fuzzy does not mean she is a cat, lol.

  7. It does look hot in all that fur. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Jen

    Poor little guy (girl?) It IS hot… hope he gets some water/shade, whatever! GREAT pic!

    Happy WW and thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

  9. He does look really hot:)

  10. Just because the picture is of a cat doesn’t mean you can’t make chewy look like a lion…. ; (

  11. LOL!
    Poor darling!
    Happy WW!

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