Dear Love of my Life

Mr. Vixen,

Ya know our 25th anniversary is coming up in just 12 days right? So I wanted you to know, that I have it on authority that Life’s too short to have a gimpy camera.

Now that you have indisputable proof via the internet, which never, never lies, you are going to buy me a very mid-range nice digital SLR for our anniversary. Mkay? Good, glad that is settled. ?What? You want me to buy it for you? No problem, I would be glad to handle that for ya. Tyvm. Love ya.

Any ideas peoples? I really can’t afford the really good ones, but I do want SLR, but I need speed. I have a two year old grand daughter I need to catch on film and Lordy can she move!!!

Oh, and anyone got an idea about what to get a guy for your 25th? He is a blue jeans/machinist kinda guy. No tools, he already owns $26,000 worth. If we could sell them, we could put a down payment on a house, jeez.


Thursday 13 #6


We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program


  1. Well technically, nothing can compare to my camera, lol. Personally, I like that new Nikon D40 (if I HAD to pick one other than mine). You know, it’s the one in all the commercials about the town that got them and took all the pictures. Ya, you know the one…It costs less than half as much as mine, but unfortunately that is still around 400 bucks. I haven’t seen any others that are that terrific that are in a lower price range but I will keep my eye out.

    P.s. I get to read a blog about golden boy and how talented he is at guitar and how you buy him tickets to concerts and such. I spent two hours on your thing for your blog, but nothing…not even a mention of the artistic daughter. No, not when there is the musically inclined son around!! Lol. Can you sense the jealousy? That is why you don’t get to borrow my camera! Good day SIR!

  2. It’s true. I would make an awesome gift! I even have “silver” detailing here and there, so you could totally fit that into the whole traditional gift for the silver wedding anniversary.
    C’mon….buy me!

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