Wordless Wednesday – I Love Ladybug

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Thursday 13 #8


  1. How Cute! Happy WW!

  2. she is pretty and adorable!

    great shot as a keepsake

    happy ww!

  3. What a beauty! Love that smile!

  4. The look of sheer joy on her face is just amazing!! Love it! Happy WW!!

  5. fantastic photo. I love that cute little smile.

  6. SO CUTE! Love that little grin. 😀

  7. Mar

    What a lovely little Ladybug she is!!

  8. vixensden

    Thank you all! This was taken a few months ago. I better see that big of a smile out of her again really soon!

  9. Who wouldn’t love that little face!

  10. Sue

    She is a beauty, and I was happy to hear she is home .. 🙂

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