A Break From Thursday Thirteen

It is probably an internet sin or something, but I just don’t have time for a TT this week. Ok, not true, I had time but I had no ideas and I spent valuable time creating a new blog. No, no, no not in place of this one just an addition. I have decided to participate in the 365 Project. I am going to try and keep a journal of my life for 365 days with some words and a picture. You know you all want to see my life in a different way, just like I do right? I have added a tab up there next to the About page, so you can visit my daily journey. You know you are going to be fascinated and you are dying to see if my photographer skills improve!


The first one is up already!


WW Part Two – I (almost) forgot-Talk Like A Pirate Day (scroll down for 1st WW of today)


Stream of …… something


  1. What??? Is that legal?

  2. The new blog sounds very cool, and I find it’s good to take a break from routine things like weekly posts every so often – it makes you feel fresh when you come back to them.

    Thanks so much for the visit earlier.

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