I have mentioned a couple of times (but probably not enough) about Shelly’s Share A Square Project. It is such a big undertaking and a wonderful idea. That lady has a heart the size of Texas! One of the reasons you have not been getting as many long, mind numbing posts from me, is because I am working of putting together one of the afghans for her.

Well, Shelly needs a bit more help . She has a lot of squares and people to help put them together, but not enough squares to let each child know that 48 different people cared enough to send them love squares. Now if you don’t crochet that is okay also, just let your readers know and tell your freinds and family, and surely you will run into someone who can crochet. We have squares from all over the world already, but we need a little more variety. Can you help and fast?


Moon In Autumn


Dooce ain’t got nothin’ on me

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  1. You are a doll, Sweet Friend. I’ve been meaning to write you to find out if you are pulling your hair out with the afghan. You don’t know how much I appreciate you putting one together! The kids are going to be WOWed that it wasn’t made in Texas! AND, I appreciate you constantly reminding folks about the project. You’ve got a heart as big as Texas, too, you know.

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