Wordless Wednesday – Animal Guests At The Homestead (No spiders Nannygoat)





Last Day Of Summer


Thursday Thirteen #11


  1. Wow, you’ve got quite the variety of fauna at your homestead. That hawk is a handsome devil!

  2. The hawk is so beautiful. That’s a great shot. I’ve been trying to get one like that but no luck.
    Happy WW!

  3. Wow aren’t you so lucky to get such a range of fauna. Gtreat shots. Happy WW

    I am very lucky. I also have pics of bats, lizards, butterflies, and all kinds of birds. Maybe next week I’ll post those ones.

  4. Nice shots. Happy WW!

  5. AWESOME SHOTS! I particularly like the one of the bird.

    Thanks for the visit and have a great WW!

  6. How cool. I love the wild very much. Have a great WW. 🙂

  7. wow, awesome shots!!

  8. Oh – you need to put a warning lable on that! Thanks for the heebie jeebies 😉

  9. Where are the bats?!?

  10. These are great! But thank you for not posting spiders. I would have itched all night. 🙂

  11. What are those green bugs called? For some reason, I love those bugs.

    There is probably a more techinical term, but we call them Leaf Bugs.

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