Hell Week Part Deux

I would like to speak with the power to be. A personal audience preferably. He and I have spoken many times. In fact, I speak with him nearly daily, but I want a one on one.

Tonight Mr. Vixen’s knee went out on him as he tried to go out the the ‘yellow’ toilet. He fell down the stairs. Now he has a bleeding knee, a bleeding hand, and a very painful knee. He is one of those men so there is “nothing too wrong”, except he had to go to bed. I am sure that my morning, instead of me being back at work after missing an entire week last hell week, will involve a visit to the urgent care.

But this is not why I want a tête-à-tête with my Lord. It is the most mundane which I wish discuss with Him. I simply want to talk about the weather. A conversation about why seven days ago it was incredibly hot (hot enough to create Firestorm 2007 as dubbed by the local news) and tonight it is 39 degrees. 39 degrees in southern California? Does He realize that is only 7 degrees away from freezing? Seriously, if a disturbed 44 year old woman with possible post traumatic stress disorder HAS to walk across 2.5 acres to use an old, leaky yellow toilet can’t He make it just a bit more bearable?

I know, I know. I am asking too much. But I always was one to ask all the wrong questions.


I Am So On A Roll


Going Where Few Dare To Go

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  1. awww. poor daddy. i hope it’s warmer tomorrow for the halloween party. ladybug will be in a skirt!

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