Loss Of The House On Honeywater

Remember Ode To The House On Honeywater? The home I lived in for 10 years until just this past May? Well we had to watch 21 of the houses on that street burned or burning on live television. Including our old home and many of the kids freinds houses and most of our neighbors. Fishboy’s parents house is a few blocks from there, but appears intact still. Sparkles mom’s house is a few blocks the other way from their and although we saw a few burned around the corner from their it looks ok. God works in mysterious ways. In the last fire, four years ago we evacuated also but our home was untouched with all our stuff in it when we came home. Thank God we weren’t there.  But it was hard to see the place your kids grew up scorched and black.

So far, reports are showing that Nannygoat apartments are still ok. Unfortunately, it appears they forgot Ladybug’s shoes in their haste.

More updates as they develop.


Unholy Inferno


Just Want To Make Sure I Got That Right

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  1. So scary and sad.

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