Mindless Banter and TGIF!

Things I thought about this week:

  • What has happened to education in this world? Is everyone illiterate suddenly? Lately I have found rash of poor grammar everywhere, like this ad on Freecycle I received in my email (on a side note question: on blogs when people type “teh” instead of “the” is that on purpose? If so, why?):

I’m looking for a bengal kittne for a gift for my son’s christmas
present. I can’t afford to buy one froma bredder. If anyone is giving
one away, or is selling one for a good price, please let me know, I
would love to give my son a great christmas present, such as a kitty.

  • All you preschoolers, stop reading my blog immediately. It is not appropriate: I found this over at Mommybytes, where she ranked so much higher than me I feel ridiculous.

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  • This is a funny joke, even if it is the truth pokes fun at my team:

A guy walks into a bar wearing a 49ers jersey and carrying a cat that’s also wearing a 49ers jersey.

The guy says to the bartender, “Can my cat and I watch the 49ers game here? My TV is broken and my cat and I always watch the game together!”

The bartender replies, “Normally, cats wouldn’t be allowed in the bar, but it’s not very busy in here right now, so you and the cat can have a seat at the end of the bar. But, if there’s any trouble with you or the cat, I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

The guy agrees, and he and his cat start watching the game.
Pretty soon the Niners kick a field goal and the excited cat jumps up on the bar and walks down the bar and gives everyone a high five.
The bartender says, “Hey, that’s pretty cool! Does he do that for every field goal?”

The guy nods, “Yeah, every time.”
The bartender asks, “What does he do for a touchdown?”
The guys answers, “I don’t know, I’ve only had him for 3 years.”

  • I believe I am a survivor, that I am strong and bold. I just get through things. I am rarely envious or jealous. So why, when my boss was showing me one of his wife’s Christmas presents (a 3 carat tanzanite) and he said it was almost $4k, did I have to run from the room so he wouldn’t see the tears that sprung into my eyes? All I could think was…I don’t have enough gas to get to work next week or to pay for my prescription and I don’t get paid until next Friday. I was just so suddenly overwhelmed.
  • I am so happy! Funsize (the lovely daughter-in-law to be) found a horse for lease (cheap) and she is going to let Bear ride whenever she wants (Bear has been very sad since she she has been unable to see Apache). On an unfortunate note, when Bear got to meet Spitfire on Tuesday, she was unable to ride because her tushy was too sore. The day before we had to go to the doctor because she has a bad infection (actually turned out to be two different things and two different medications). My insurance wouldn’t cover the oral med the doctor prescribed so she had to get a rocephin shot in her tushy. Apparently, those shots really hurt and leave a bruise πŸ™
  • I am contemplating my sanity or doubting it: Is it so wrong that suddenly I am really missing John Denver? Not him personally, but his music. I always loved his stuff and once I went (birthday present) to see him in concert. It was awesome, but it was forever ago. Yet, this song? It brings tears to my eyes. Why? I have no idea.


Thursday Thirteen #19


Mutter, Putter, Stutter


  1. O.K. I’m so glad someone brought up the “teh” thing. I wasn’t going to mention it because I thought everyone knew but me. I don’t get it.

    Also, I sometimes wonder if people are out of their mind when they post to freecycle. Our list doesn’t allow postings related to animals, but people ask for boats, jetskis, cars, furnishings for their new house…they even ask for new things. Have these people no shame?

  2. I’ve never seen the teh – or I just assumed someone forgot to spell check. If they did it on purpose, that would drive me crazy enough not to read their blog anymore.

    The Niners joke was funny πŸ˜› and my blog rates Genius!!! πŸ™‚ Happy Friday!!

  3. Mar

    I love John Denver. Grandma’s Feather Bed is my all time favorite (yeah I am a dork if you haven’t figured it out by now) but Sunshine on my Shoulders is a close second!!

    I hope Bear’s you know what feels better soon. Ouch!

  4. Yes, poor spelling is rife. Do they even teach spelling in the schools these days?

    “teh” is my most common typo. Most often I fix it, but its being left behind just means I missed it.

  5. The grammar and spelling issue makes me insane most days. I just don’t understand, when spellcheckers are everywhere, why such blatant mistakes are on every page. I am guilty of letting errors get by, form for from, this for these, but teh is a misspelling and is recognized by every program. Go figure! I think that a) most people don’t care b) there are more and more English as a second language users who haven’t been taught and don’t care to learn proper English c) kids are learning to spell for the ease of text messaging, shortened words, symbols, the like. I think all of those reasons are just lazy, and especially disrespectful to those people who you expect to read what you have written. Care about your reader.

    When it comes to being a survivor, every word I have read on your blog proves you are one. But sometimes, it just becomes too much for all of us. I remember the first Christmas that I had both children, and only me. I had so little money that I prayed for enough groceries to feed us, much less Christmas gifts. It was so hard but my parents made sure my children did not go without. It was just such a horrible time. I was so happy we had a good place to live, but sometimes the days were just too much. Thank you for reminding me to be more thankful for the fact that right now things have come so far. We aren’t affluent, but the worries are eased most of the time.

    Okay, I will hush, just know you inspire me. Every time I see your name on my comments or hop over here to your blog.


  6. My site scored ‘high school’… yikes, what’s happened to my vocabulary? It’s sad, but true, I write much differently than I talk.

    Judging from the reactions to your post, many of us feel the same way about the typo’s and grammar. There have been times I’ve gone into comments on a page and wondered who opened up the idiot floodgates. Have you ever looked at comments to articles on Yahoo? Tragic. Actually, some days when I open my doors for business, I wonder the same thing.

    Have I shared my story about Bill Walsh with you yet?

    I think I’m a bit confused by your boss. Why did he think it was appropriate to tell you how much he paid for his wife’s Christmas gift? You’ve had so much on your plate, I’m not at all surprised by your reaction. Is he always so eager to flaunt his money?

    Maybe you’re missing John Denver because of what he represents.

    I hope you’re having a better day!

  7. “teh” always bothers me, and so does “bord”. Thank goodness I was an english major and have been taught properly. And I’m so happy to have Bear ride with me. Finally, a riding partner!

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