Momma got excited to finish long post

I got a little excited about finishing the long saga of MacDougal, not because I was tired of writing it, but because people kept asking me when I was going to be done!

In my haste to sum up, I forgot to mention a few things:

  1. In spite of the many surgeries and close calls, all of MacDougal’s parts survived.
  2. There will probably be one more surgery in the near future to address the large amount of scar tissue left behind.
  3. In the last two years, I have taken no time off except to care for/be in the hospital with either MacD, Ladybug and Mr. Vixen. In spite of the fact that I earned two weeks vacation last year and three weeks vacation this year, I am currently a whopping 80 hours overdrawn in my PTO account. That means I spent all my vacation time (200 hours) PLUS 80 hours too much time in a hospital/physician setting. I deserve to be honorary CEO of the hospital or something (a frequency discount?).
  4. Does anyone know of a part time job in which I can earn enough to buy one of these? Apparently maternal promises made under duress, must still be kept. Hmph.


Stranger Than Fiction


Heads Or Tails – Never Say Never


  1. better stock up on lottery tickets…

  2. Mar

    Maybe collecting aluminum cans from the side of the road out of ditches?

  3. Ummm… there’s only 1 part time job I know of that allows you that kind of earning potential. Something tells me you’re not gonna like it ;-0

  4. Macdougal

    You could always rob a bank. I know a guy who knows a guy, who’s cousins football coach’s nephew, works at a bank. He could hook you up.

  5. vixensden

    Wait, are you sure MacD, that that is the way to go? Frigga had an awesome idea about me selling my body that I think might work. Well, it might work if we move to Arkansas or some such place.

  6. You could always enter the wonderful world of illegal pharmacueticals. You would probably look good in an orange jumpsuit with your coloring, you know, if you got caught.

  7. Ouch! Hope life can turn around for you soon. Another job??? Think the line is long anywhere you look. I was offered a buy out of sorts the other day. It was laughable. Hope I get to keep my job, otherwise I’ll be checking back with you to see what you’ve found. I’ll also keep buying the lotto tickets…gotta win sooner or later…hoping for sooner,

  8. Lol! you want a part time job that you can buy this fancy stuff? That might gonna be hard 😛

  9. If you figure out a job to be able to afford one of those cars, let me know. I want the sane car! I can’t afford one on my stinky salary!
    .-= Fred´s last blog ..Snow =-.

  10. Wow. I want that car too. You can be a cop who’s always collecting fines for speed trap. I think they earn $155 per fine and then you can caught as many as you can to collect for more fines. Hahaha…lol..I was just kidding. hehehe.

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