One of those hysterical chat sessions that no one will think is funny but me

(NOTE: I am ladybugsgrama [duh], gmkorn is my mom, and Shannymar is Nannygoat)

ladybugsgrama (9:02:06 PM): ok guys, really my hands are killing me tonight

ladybugsgrama (9:02:12 PM): I gotta put the laptop down and rest a while

Shannymar (9:02:23 PM): fine you go watch your crap

ladybugsgrama (9:02:34 PM): no its just the work I did today, really inflamed them

ladybugsgrama (9:02:39 PM): call your dad and ask him

ladybugsgrama (9:02:46 PM): I have been off the puter most the night

ladybugsgrama (9:02:52 PM): and he keeps MENTIONING it

Shannymar (9:02:53 PM): i believe you

ladybugsgrama (9:02:59 PM): like its a miracle or something

ladybugsgrama (9:03:06 PM): like its never happened before

ladybugsgrama (9:03:07 PM): lol

Gmkorn (9:03:09 PM): okay time for bed here

Shannymar (9:03:18 PM): okay ladybug time here

Gmkorn (9:03:23 PM): arthritis vixen?

ladybugsgrama (9:03:27 PM): yes

Gmkorn (9:03:32 PM): where

ladybugsgrama (9:03:53 PM): fingers last few months, continuing into wrists last week or so

ladybugsgrama (9:04:08 PM): I saw doc friday and got new meds

Shannymar (9:04:14 PM): well i have ladybugitis

Gmkorn (9:04:19 PM): hmm you wearing brace?

Gmkorn (9:04:22 PM): lol shannymar

ladybugsgrama (9:04:26 PM): on both hands, just got those friday

ladybugsgrama (9:04:30 PM): sleeping much better with them

Gmkorn (9:05:01 PM): good. i have brace and surgery

ladybugsgrama (9:05:23 PM): there is surgery for rheumatoid arthritis?

Shannymar (9:05:32 PM): is this what i have to look forward too? thanks for the genes people.

ladybugsgrama (9:05:43 PM): anytime LOVELY girl

ladybugsgrama (9:05:50 PM): with LOVELY children

ladybugsgrama (9:05:53 PM): both of which are thanks to our genes

Gmkorn (9:05:59 PM): well i also have wearing of the joint that allows the bone in the wrist to slip in and out

Gmkorn (9:06:15 PM): wrist/thumb

ladybugsgrama (9:06:16 PM): oh so surgery repairs some of the bone damage, i see

Shannymar (9:06:22 PM): yah i suppose it is Lloyds stupid genes that give our kids strokes…

ladybugsgrama (9:06:29 PM): yes it is

ladybugsgrama (9:06:34 PM): we know that already

ladybugsgrama (9:06:37 PM): medically proven

ladybugsgrama (9:06:39 PM): lol

ladybugsgrama (9:06:44 PM): and funky toes

Shannymar (9:06:54 PM): lol i think they are cute!!!!!!

Gmkorn (9:07:00 PM): no it was Lloyds genes that gave you baby

Gmkorn (9:07:14 PM): he forgot to put them on lol

Shannymar (9:07:27 PM): lol, what?

Gmkorn (9:07:36 PM): JEANS

Shannymar (9:08:31 PM): i can’t……stop…..laughing

Gmkorn (9:08:36 PM): lol

Gmkorn (9:09:07 PM): breathe

Shannymar (9:09:15 PM): lol, whew…

Shannymar (9:09:24 PM): okaaayyyy…..

Shannymar (9:09:29 PM): i should go now


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Thursday Thirteen #18


  1. I’m sorry, but when you are a 23 year old woman, and your grandmother makes a joke about your husband not being able to keep his pants on, it’s pretty damn funny.

  2. Mar

    I agree with Shannymar, it cracks me up when my 80 year old grandma tries to make jokes like that as well.

  3. I seriously can’t imagine having such a conversation with my mother and grandmother. Or my mother and my daughter. It freaks me out.

  4. Hahahahha! Your mom is a hoot! She’s a smartie too to be all up in the IM at her age, lol.

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