The year is nearing its end, an new one waiting in the wings. It has been a year of good and bad, hard and easy, twists and turns. I shall recap the highlights for you with bullets:

  • January: I turned 44. It didn’t feel much different than 43. We took Ladybug to Great Great Grama’s cabin and she saw snow and went sledding for the first time.
  • February: Mr. Vixen, Bear, Fishboy and myself have a dream-like vacation in Hawaii.
  • March: My grandmother is diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. I start this blog.
  • April: My landlady of 10 years informs me there is a court order to sell our house. We need to find someplace else to live. My eldest turns 23!!! The doctors discover they misdiagnosed grama’s cancer and she begins chemo for her treatable cancer. The stress of not knowing where I am going to live is nearly unbearable. My beloved 16 year old puppy Duchess passes away.
  • May: I find out I will have a place to live, but the decision (in the long run) to do business with family turns out to be a very bad idea. I have to move 10 years of stuff of a family of five into a 30 ft RV and two rooms.
  • June: Summer at the property is wonderful. Ladybug loves having a place to run, swing, jump, dig and play outside. My beautiful baby Bear turns 16!!!!
  • July: The latest Harry Potter book is released and I am the only person in the world who doesn’t read it. Mr. Vixen turns 46 (old man).
  • August: My world was turned upside down when Ladybug developed epilepsy. I celebrated 25 years of marriage to my soul mate. The very lovely Butterball joined the world and our family. I lost the use of my toilet. I got a new digital camera (woot).
  • September: My little baby boy MacDougal turned 21. We had a heatwave.
  • October: Our very beloved puppy, Don Juan Ralphito (Boo Boo) suddenly passed despite my attempts to save him. There was a terrible fire and Nanny et al were evacuated, then we were all evacuated and had to stay for three days in a hotel. While we watched the news and watched live video of our old home and many neighbors homes burn down.
  • November: Ladybug and Butterball have their first ever sleep over at my place. My mom comes for Thanksgiving and give me my Christmas present early! A very lovely heater (she gave it to me early, because we don’t have a furnace or heater in our place-that is something I did not know until after I signed the lease).
  • December: The toilet in the barn stops working and so I have to walk miles to use a restroom. The holidays are spoiled by the fact that things are very unhappy and uncomfortable between us and our landlady/aunt who comes to visit Cousin It AND by the fact that my power cord dies again!

A year of changes for sure. Some trials and tribulations. What to do after a year like that?

I am going to DISNEYLAND!

(taking the g-babes for their first Disney visit on New Year’s Day)


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  1. Jane

    Whee!! good for you!

  2. Just popped in to wish you all the best for the new year.

  3. Hey my friend,

    what a year 2007 was, wishing you and yours for 2008, peace, love and health…the rest will go with it…


  4. You have had a crazy year, with a lot of ups and downs. I hope 2008 is a happy one for you with more ups than the other way.

    I’m very pleased to have met you and look forward to continue to read your blog in 2008.


  5. That was no fun, that year. Oh, wait — Butterball! 25 years, yay 🙂 and awesome kids, too. Grandkids and kids are great, but indoor plumbing and power cords are pretty amazing, too.

    Here’s to a good 2008 for all of us.

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