Thursday Thirteen #22

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The other day I mentioned that someone had asked me what I wanted and what I needed. I have been thinking about it a lot and have come up with the following list (next week I will do the wants) of

Things Vixen Needs

  1. To register my car. It expired the end of October and I just know I am going to get pulled over.
  2. Brakes on my car. The emergency brake light comes on when I stop and if I have to hit the brakes hard it makes that awful grinding noise.
  3. A decent haircut and color. I got tired of my hair last week and hacked off the top…its frightening how uneven it is.
  4. A working toilet located within my humble abode.
  5. A decent night’s sleep.
  6. A pair of jeans. Without holes. That fit.
  7. A decent mattress (which would probably help with #5).
  8. More energy.
  9. An attitude adjustment. I am in a slump.
  10. Less stress.
  11. A crown on my tooth.
  12. Tinsel. My tree is tinsel-less and it looks sad.
  13. A second source of income (come on SSDI you are killing me here) to pay for the above items.

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Warning: Get a Tissue or Six


  1. I wish you much luck on getting these things. A good night’s sleep is definitely a necessity!

  2. Di

    Maybe you can multitask and have your crown made out of tinsel!

  3. I just paid $500 to do number one for my car on monday. ;'(
    and i also need #’s 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13…

    are we starting a club???

  4. Is a working toilet really too much to ask for?
    happy tt!

  5. You really gotta get 1, 2 and 11 taken care of. No. 1 is going to cost you a fine when you do get it taken care of. No. 2 can get you killed if you don’t get it taken care of and No. 3 can cost you that tooth if you don’t get it taken care of. Sorry, I’m through preachin’ now. I know it’s easier said than done in this world of outrageous medical costs and $3.00 per gallon gasoline.

  6. Based on 1-5, we’re living the same life! Good luck with the tinsel. I’m going to buy a couple dozen boxes today just to be safe. Gotta have it!

  7. she

    those sounds completely reasonable! i’m in the same boat!

  8. I could so use some jeans that fit! lol I hope you get all the things on your list, especially the working toilet! Happy Holidays!

  9. i have a terrible time part parting with jeans regardless of the number of holes. If they do fit right then I just don’t want to let them go! Good luck getting all the stuff you need!

  10. Mar

    I need #3 also, thankfully I have not tried to hack it off myself yet!

  11. Well no wonder you’re in a slump and need an attitude adjustment – you need to get a new mattress so you can get better sleep! But the brakes may be more important – the longer you wait the more it could end up costing you!

    Happy TT πŸ˜›

  12. I have your attitude adjustment, but I don’t know your size.

    13 Love Scenes:

  13. I need some of these things, too, Vixen!! XOXO

  14. an attitude adjustment, hahahha. me too. i’ve been throwing a pity party for myself lately.

    happy tt!


  15. Gosh, Vixen, who wouldn’t be in a slump with all of that going on! I’m so sorry. I hope everything rights itself soon!

    Happy TT.

  16. I LOLed at the first one. I literally did that today as mine was expired, too. And, check into a sleep number bed. I have never slept so good in my life since we got ours.

  17. Thanks for the congrats on my entry yesterday. My TT is finally up now so come on back by.

    If you manage a decent night’s sleep, will you please write about it in excruciating detial so that I can enjoy it vicariously through you? I’d really appreciate it. πŸ™‚

    I’ll be back later to read more.


  18. Me too, me too! I so could use an extra 12 hours of sleep! πŸ™‚

  19. Sorry about the loo. We’ve had some interestingnesses in the RV concerning sewage, etc. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck! You can come and watch the Xmas parade in the rain with me here in Lodi, if you want (and can figure out a way to teleport).

    I have three TTs this week:
    13 emotions we could do without
    13 things about Lodi, California
    13 sayings from the biker community

  20. I always love to read your blog. It’s how I got into Wordless Wednesday and the Thursday Thirteen! I originally stopped by for the fiber stuff πŸ˜€

    Hope you get what on your list you need! They’re all sort of a snowball, one effects the other. 😐

    Thanks for the comment, totally happy to see you there!!!

    Happy TT!

  21. Nice list and none of those things are too much to ask for!! (but get the registration on the car soon because the ticket will add up the cost!)

    Last year I bought one of those Temperpedic Foam mattresses. I LOVE IT!!!! I still don’t sleep all night, but at least I’m comfortable while I’m awake πŸ™‚


  22. Hi sweetie,

    Hope the tooth thing can be taken care of…

    If you need anything, drop me an email… you and yours are always in my thoughts and prayers!!!



  23. I so need a new hair do, it’s scary. I’m going to try and sneak in for a hair cut and highlights tomorrow. I hope they have room.


  24. I’d say the crown and the toilet are the most urgent.

  25. That is a big list. Our registration goes on the end of October too. Luckily we got it done. We have an outhouse for emergencies, but the weather has been pretty cold, so wouldn’t want to be bearing all out there. Sorry about the hair cut, when it is a bad cut, every day is a bad hair day. I hope you get some of the things you need and want. Thanks for sending the link.

  26. I just paid more money than I should have to get my hair colored and cut. I waited for months, so long that when I went in, my hairdresser said she hoped I never told people that she’s the one who does my hair. I am not shallow, but I have to say I feel better now….

    You need to do something about that car and those brakes, you know. It will be easier to get some sleep if you’re not worrying about them! Well, and the toilet—!

    take care of yourself!!

  27. Unfortunately car repairs are very expensive, here too !

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