Mizzling Monday

I wanted to stay home from work today. But I didn’t. I feel a wee bit of depression lately, but it comes and goes so quickly I rarely catch it in time. I don’t like where my life is right now. I just don’t. That leaks into everything around me.

On a much, much lighter note a little excerpt from Ladybug’s visit this weekend: I am standing in the kitchen starting dinner. Ladybug is taking cans out of my little cupboard and stacking them into can pyramids. Suddenly I realize she is practically yelling at me, because I am not paying attention. I look up and she is inside the cupboard, head stuck out, and hand on the door.

LB: Bye, bye Grama.

Me: Bye, bye Ladybug.

LB: See ya tomorrow.

Me: Ok, see ya tomorrow.

LB: Luffs you. Me: Loves you too.

LB:**big kissy smack sound**

Ladybug shuts the cupboard door. After 40 seconds or so the door bursts open and out she pops! LB: Hi. Hi. Good morning!

I simply dissolve into a puddle of laughter and love.

Title Note: miz·zle -zled, -zling, noun South Midland and Southern U.S. –verb (used with object), verb (used without object) 1. to rain in fine drops; drizzle; mist. –noun 2. mist or drizzle.Signature


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  1. How absolutely cute. My kids used to love doing that, always the cupboard with the lazy susan too. I have numerous pics of them when they were little in the cupboards, or in the dryer for some reason.
    You need to talk, I am here…suffer with depression and anxiety daily. Could be the time of year though….getting everyone.
    Feel better, smile!
    Mama Bear

  2. Mar

    I understand exactly where you are at, I am feeling exactly the same these days…

    Gotta love that Ladybug!!

  3. What a precious little bug! Thank you for sharing the conversation, it really made me smile and puddle up (you’re mizzling, I’m mensing…yup, tmi).

    Now, about the depression that’s tugging at the edges of your day *sigh* I get it.

    I know you haven’t asked, but here’s my spin on depression. It is a catalyst for change. When I become depressed I know it’s because I’m angry and not acting on it. Instead I’m stuffing my feelings as hard and fast as I can. Depression used to scare the pee-waddin’ right out of me, not anymore. I embrace it. I slow down because that’s part of the process and seek help to get to the core. Once I have my answers, I don’t stay passive, I make the changes that need to happen. It seems that my depressions are situational and not chemical, so I never accept medication, instead I exercise. It took some work and soul searching, but I’m out of the blues of the past few months and headed into the pinks.

    OK, end of sermon. I’ve shared this because I care and my sense is you wouldn’t have put it out here if you’d not wanted some input.


  4. who needs flash toys for kids when you have a few cans and a cupboard

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