Welcome To My Tea Party

I would love it if you would visit my TITT (Totally Interactive Thursday Thirteen) and VOTE. Polls are open until Friday. Results on Saturday.

I wrote what I thought was a pretty good story HERE and no one (except two of my kids) commented on it. I know someone read it, but no one said a single word. Please tell me what you think.

I know you think my 365 Project died, but it is actually better than ever. I have been taking my camera with me to work and stopping to catch some shots every single day. It is just that I didn’t have time to load ’em up. Now I have. It starts on January 4th until today. Starting on January 5th I began chronicling my daily visits to the burned area that was our home a few months ago……I think I am doing some interesting stuff. Please, please, please take a look and let me know what you think.


Thursday Thirteen #27


I Do Need To Get On With It Already


  1. Mar

    I read the story and thought it was great, but I also read the comments from your kids and figured there was no need to vote after that :).

  2. Like Mar, I also read your story. I read it shortly after you published it and rudely did not comment. It was very well written. As I was reading, the details and the sequence of events told me I wasn’t reading about something that occurred in a dream, that this had happened. What a frightening event. Thank goodness it turned out well.

    As I’m not a WordPress user, I’m not certain that it’s my place to say anything about your pages. The 365 Project page is so slow to open that I usually don’t make it. I’ll click on it, wait for more than a minute and nothing happens. I have a really fast connection. Is there some way you can speed it up? I noticed that when you changed lay-out on this page it got quicker.

    I want to read and look at everything you do and I’m sure I’m not alone.

    I’ll be back tomorrow for the ‘TITT’ results!

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