Wordless Wednesday-I Made a Lovely Hat (ignore the grey hair and the wrinkles on my nose, do it, I say so)




Thursday Thirteen #???


  1. You did indeed make a lovely hat!

  2. It is lovely to see you 🙂

  3. I see no grey, only blonde with platinum highlights, and a lovely hat!
    Are you on ravelry yet?

  4. Very nice, I need to learn another stitch besides thecahin one.

  5. Vixen, what a beautiful hat! I haven’t crocheted in a long time. I think I missed it, but with so many books I want to read, I just hadn’t had the time. I keep buying yarn though.

  6. that really acute hat you did a great job making that one..;)
    mine is here check it out if you have time..;)

  7. Pretty! And the hat, too.

  8. That’s lovely!both!the hat & the lady:)

    Happy WW!

  9. What wrinkles and grey hair? I’ll show you both. Love the hat. Have a great WW. 🙂

  10. ZJ

    Wow, lovely handmade craft worn by an equally lovely lady! I know how to crochet, too, but my crocheting skills are limited to flowers and simple doilies only 😀

  11. So cute! I like the color & pattern.

  12. How lovely! Make one for me…make it pink…pretty please? 😀

  13. Mar

    A woman of many talents :).

  14. Ellen

    I love your hat…
    what grey? what wrinkles?

  15. Love the hat! Great job!

  16. I like your hat, it’s cute and more importantly warm, right?

  17. Love that hat! What talent.. And it’s so nice to “see” you!!

  18. Nice hat! Happy WW

  19. Great hat! Happy WW and thanks for the visit

  20. You’re making me want to get my yarn out. But if I do, as soon as I do, I will think of something else to do or the baby will come along and tangle my skein.

    I like your hat though.

    happy wednesday.

  21. Oh my…I’m taking you seriously now…light pink would be nice…but can I email you? 😉

    My email is: shijara@yahoo.com

  22. that’s a very cute hat! nicely done!

    My Wordless Wednesday:
    Hobbies and Such

  23. Cute hat. You will appreciate the crocheted sweater currently being displayed on my blog’s WW.


  24. good job!!! and i love the color

  25. Hi!I wish I got such talent!

  26. Hi!Happy WW!Thanks for the visit at my blog!
    Violet is in for the year 2008!

  27. That’s a cool hat and a pretty color, good job! 🙂

  28. Is it okay to look at the glasses?

    Have a Happy WW!

  29. My hat’s off to your hat! And you are beautiful. God bless.

  30. What wrinkles? What grey hair? All I see is a lovely hat!

  31. That is just adorable! Good job!

  32. That is so cute, and I saw nothing else, just the lovely hat, very lovely hat. 🙂
    Micheyla made a cute hat, but I seem to have forgotten every stitch except the afghan stitch, maybe I need to borrow her book.
    I have scarves to finish for my Pay It Forward though, one more to finish and then I send mine out.

  33. I admire people who can make things like that! That is very cute and knitted hats like that are all “the rage” again…my teen daughters wear them all the time!!


  34. that hat is very lovely!

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