I have updated the pictures for the last week over at my photog blog. Go forth, view and comment. I command thee (don’t forget to scroll down there are seven new pictures).

  1. Protocol :: Rules are meant to be broken.
  2. Girlfriends :: I have the best ones in the world. And I haven’t met a single one in person yet.
  3. Shoulders :: Mine are sagging.
  4. Coming home :: Pipe dream.
  5. Let it in :: I did and now I can’t get rid of it.
  6. Honor :: Some of my relatives have none.
  7. Tyler :: I don’t know a single Tyler, isn’t that strange?
  8. Thriller :: Michael Jackson. Bear put on the Bad CD today. Hadn’t heard it in years.
  9. Angela :: I don’t know a single Angela either, this is getting weird.
  10. The winner is :: Never me. (EDITED: Except for the time I won Rockin’ with Frigga– and a great book from Christine – thanks for reminding me!)

Today it has rained all day. I am just sitting inside watching the birds fight over the feeder and sewing pjs for Butterball while listening to old CDs.


Wooden (Left To His Own Devices XII)


Crazy 8s


  1. I didn’t know any Tylers until my kid starting dating one. Now, I know two. The first one didn’t multiply, my kid just met a second Tyler after the first one. LOL Life’s like that. First, you know none. Then you are inundated. I don’t know any Angelas either. Woot!

  2. Oh, c’mon think positive. I can remember you winning a couple things! Maybe….? Maybe not.

  3. I know you won a book from me…


  4. Hey – your #10 is false!! Very false!! :-0

    Oh, and I finally finally added you to my sidebar!! 🙂

  5. LOL – Great mutterings!

  6. I don’t win many things either, but it’s always fun trying. There are contest giveaways at my site often and since not many people enter your chances are good. =o)

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