Not That I Am Counting or Anything – edited



New Season Premieres Tuesday, February 12, 10pm et/pt. Only 10 hours and 19 minutes 4 hours and 8 minutes from now.

To kill time between now and then, feel free to scroll down and read my Heads Or Tails for today. Or run on over to my pictures, take a gander and comment on them.


I Love Being The Daughter Of A Hypochondriac


We Interrupt This Program For A Very Important Message


  1. whoops, looks like your link to your 365 project goes to the login page.

    Never watched Jericho – good I take it?

  2. Perhaps we ARE long lost relatives! 😉 hehehe

  3. So, I probably shouldn’t call you around that time? Or I should? Teehee…

  4. malinthemiddle

    I have never seen the show. I will rent the back episodes if you will read the first Harry Potter. *throws down the gauntlet*

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