I don’t have words to describe
And what would you care anyway
I can roll with the punches
But only because I always have an instant plan
If only it was just me
But it’s not I have to separate myself
And tuck away any emotions
Care for my family, as dwindling as it might be
No matter the instructions
Take care of yourself
Who I am, means I must take care of the youngin’
I just need a place to go
Where I can live with life’s necessities
And not suffer this paralyzing, slow torture
Of punishment and disappointment
Of losing my spark, my soul


I'll Send An S.O.S. To The World




  1. Did something happen after I got off the phone with you? After the last time I talked to you I saw you changed your status to something really sad, I was going to call you but I didn’t notice until midnight. Call me!

  2. So much buried within these words…need to talk?
    You know I’ll understand. Email me.

  3. Same here, honey. So many people that care about you.

  4. My sweet friend Vixen, the words inside the words are far more sad than those you published. Drop me an email, you are not the only one who has been there as sad as that is to say. And taking care of you is a big part of taking care of the littles who need to take good care of you. Both of you will be better off for it.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. You are always quick to pop up there and send me some cyber support when I talk about my weeks from hell. I can only do the same.

    You are right at the top of this week’s prayer list in my head lady. Hang on.


    I fixed the link in the Butterfly Kisses entry =-) Thank you for being my dedicated reader who catches my booboos and points them out.

  5. BTW is the Thursday Thirteen hub down for you too? I can’t get to it at all.


  6. ….I hope you aren’t really feeling this way…but if you are…HUGS….

    Feel better… 🙁

    (Must be poem day…I posted an old one….)

  7. Mar

    Whats up girl?? If you need me you know how to find me.


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