A Thursday 13??? No way. #30

Allo, allo? Remember me? I can’t even count high enough to number how many weeks it has been since I produced a TT. Mr. Linky probably won’t remember me…

So….. 13 TV shows I loved was addicted to growing up (no particular order, just as they came to me):
  1. M*A*S*H – I have seen every single episode at least 20 times. Radar rocks! I still have nightmares about the episode of Hawkeye on the bus with the chicken/baby.
  2. Falcon Crest – This show was so addictive that my husband and I would actually go over to my Mom’s house for a weekly visit to watch with them! I loved to hate Angela Channing. And Lorenzo Lamas….just umm, eye candy.
  3. The Brady Bunch -As a kid, we were only allowed to watch a few hours of tv weekly. Friday nights was kid‘s tv night…We watched the wonderful Brady’s (I adored Alice) and….
  4. The Partridge Family – Right after Brady Bunch. I so wanted to be Susan Dey, until I realized that I couldn’t date David Cassidy if I did. Travelin’ along, there’s a song that we’re singin’. Come on, get happy! A whole lotta lovin’ is what we’ll be bringin’. We’ll make you happy!
  5. Emergency – The beginnings of a life long fascination with all things medical. Probably why I was pre-Med in college. Definitely why I am still addicted to all shows medical.
  6. Mission Impossible – Really a mind bender. Things you would never think of. Probably what led to my later adoration of MacGuyver. Your mission, should you choose to accept it…this tape will self-destruct in 10 seconds.
  7. Knot’s Landing – Were you alive 1978-1991? Then you know of Dallas. I am one of a very few who didn’t care for it much (something about Victoria Principal rubbed me wrong), but it was hard to ignore when there was only one tv in the house and my mom was in charge of the channels. However, I was entranced with this branch of the Ewings, especially Valene. No one could say more with a single look than Valene.
  8. Days Of Our Lives – I was raised on this show. My grandmother watched, my mom, and my aunts too. It is so successful because it grows and changes with each generation. The Brady’s fit my family. My Grama is their Grama. I lived vicariously through Hope and Mr. Vixen was my knight…like Hope’s Bo. When I was in college I arranged my class schedule such that I could go to the Newman Center to watch between class. Me and 20 other students.
  9. The Flying Nun – The beginnings of another odd fascination of mine…Sally Field. It was a quirky, independent girl (I also liked Marlo Thomas in That Girl) but included my religion. I also thought that Sally was simply fabulous in Smoky And The Bandit).
  10. Lost In Space – My dad instilled in me a deep and abiding love and fascination with anything and everything Sci-Fi. This show prickled all my loves with a family theme and a space theme. Danger Will Robinson.
  11. Saturday Night Live – One of the truly greatest, ground breaking shows ever. First time my parents ever let me stay up that late. And once they did…it was all over. The Land Shark bit? Tickled me and my step-sister to no end, and Mr. Bill? Gilda Radner? Jane Curtin? My sister still (with much affection) says to me “You stupid b*tich”, to which I reply “You ignorant sl*t”. For us it is like saying I love you forever!
  12. BJ And The Bear – What is there not to love about a trucker who travels around with a pet monkey? And what kid, ever, didn’t want to own a pet monkey?
  13. Gilligan’s Island -Probably the most addictive tv show ever conceived. I was particularly intrigued by the Professor. Although I kept thinking I should want to be Maryann. But you can’t erase the inborn scientist in my soul. Try as society might, it just never worked. Have I ever told you all about the time I went to the place where they filmed the show? No? Amazing. I drove Bear and Mr. Vixen absolutely insane with it. I will have to write a post….You have to have very special connections to go there these days. It is now a research facility for the Federal government.They train dolphins who find nuclear bombs…and there was a baby when we were there. Very hush, hush though. I had to use the super zoom for that. And even then they threatened to take my camera.

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  1. I remember watching most of these. Friday night was a favorite for me too. I also got to stay up for Love, American Style. So naughty!

  2. Wow, the ONLY one I don’t remember is The Flying Nun! What a trip down memory lane… I’d have to add either Knight Rider or the Dukes of Hazard in its place.

    Glad to see you posting!

    Happy TT!

  3. I was surfing Amazon the other day and came thisclose to buying the massive box set of M*A*S*H…

    Happy T13

  4. I sang “I Think I Love You” to my husband at our wedding reception–badly, before the wine, and on the dance floor. We’re still married, even if he isn’t David Cassidy.

    I loved all of these, too, Vixen!

  5. You’re old! Ha, okay, that was mean. I love you, mom!

  6. I remember these, although I didn’t watch them all. I was never into soaps, daily or weekly. But I think we all love the brady bunch!

  7. We had pretty strict rules about what TV shows we watched as a kid. I do remember Gilligan’s Island and the Brady Bunch were on the ‘okay’ to watch list. Happy T13!

  8. We must have both grown up in the 70’s:) I watched the majority of those shows myself. Happy TT. Great list.

  9. Great list!!! I loved Saturday Night Live (Telegram…. candy gram… land shark!) I also watched Emergency, The Brady Bunch and Lost in Space religiously. I was always envious of Penny, I wanted hair just like hers!

  10. I too scheduled my college class around my soap. Guess it all still turned out ok, hu?

    I loved BJ and Bear, not too many other people seem to remember it though

  11. *looks down* I had an intense fascination with Days of our Lives, when we lived in Denmark. I think it had something to do with it being the only thing on in English at that time of the day. LOL I saw it on the other day and so many plot lines are like stillll going on. LMAO

    I loved Gilligan’s Island! Still do!

    What was I addicted to as a young ‘un? It’s so hard to remember! Well there was Buffy of course! And then Charmed came around. hehehe

  12. MacD

    They had tv when you were growing up!?!?!? I thought you guys just listened to the radio while drinking your smuggled booze!! Lol, just kidding (nanny started it). Seriously though, I haven’t heard of half of these shows.

  13. We weren’t allowed to watch any thing but I love Lucy – if you can believe it. I used to sneak the Twilight Zone. All 1950s – in the 1970s/80s. Amazing to look back on!

    Happy TT!

  14. I agree with you on almost all of these…did not care for Falcon’s Crest.
    Excellent TT, and hey we had no need to worry ’bout Mr. Linky he’s on strike or something.
    Mine is up for the week.

  15. No TT for me this week and it has been a while since I have, too. 🙂

    Oh gee.. I remember ALL of these shows! The one that stands out though is the original SNL. The talent on the show back then is unsurpassed.

    Hehee.. I will sometimes look at hubby and say “telegram” when someone knocks on my door.

  16. Hey, new template? I like it!

    Okay, I’m not fully familiar with all of those, but who didn’t love Gilligan’s Island or the Brady Bunch?

    Happy TT 🙂

  17. I used to enjoy Dallas (something about Victoria Principal!!). I don’t know if I have seen every MASH but I have seen a lot. It was a great show when it didn’t get too preachy. I really enjoyed Mission Impossible, but I found that if you missed the first 5 minutes you were lost. Sorry, but I loathed Gilligan’s Island.

  18. Liz

    Oh, WOW! I recognized (and remembered) each and every one of those shows. Love them, too! I remember MASH would be the last thing I watched before calling it a night. Now, it’s The Disney Channel.

  19. I remember getting sucked into Days of Our Lives every summer off from school. It always amazed me how nine months away didn’t at all impact the ability to get caught up in everybody’s business. *Grin*

    Thanks for checking on me sweety. I hope to be better asap.



  20. Great list! Hope you can visit my site got an awards waiting for all thursday thirteeners… Happy TT!

  21. M*A*S*H is still my all-time favorite. So much laughter, so many tears.

    I was gabbing with one of my sisters the other night and she was retelling an old baby-sitting memory and it reminded me of one of my favorites back then. Remember The Sixth Sense, a paranormal show with Gary Collins? Scary and wicked fun in the dark!

  22. Ginger, or Maryanne? Gilligan’s Island for the win!

  23. I was too lazy to do one. I need to do one next week. 🙂

    Saying hello and happy TT!!!!

    BTW I love MC muffin too and if it wasn’t cuz I’d get huge, I would eat one every day.

  24. Oh, how funny! I always loved those shows too — and I was in Best Buy the other day and saw “Emergency” on DVD!! I couldn’t believe it! Johnny Gage over and over! I didn’t get it tho — I had gone in to buy the DVD of “That Girl” Season 1 for my best friends birthday!!!
    happy TT!

  25. cemeterywinter

    I LOVED Emergency. Randy Mantooth. RAWR. Happy TT!

  26. You forgot Family Affair, Nanny & the Professor, and oh my God I loved Emergency so much!!!! Almost as much as Soap!

  27. This is one of the best T13s I have read this week! It’s tempting to comment on every show you listed, but I won’t for brevity’s sake.

    “Gilligan’s Island” is a show that I was addicted to as well. Some of the eps that stand out in my mind are when the rock band The Mosquitoes showed up on the island and the one where Gilligan had a “Jack and the Beanstalk” dream. Trivia note: the smaller version of Gilligan in the dream sequence was played by Bob Denver’s real son.

    Since you mentioned Sally Field, do you remember her last sitcom “The Girl With Something Extra”? I vaguely remember watching it with my mother the brief time that it was on from 1973-1974.

  28. brings back memories . . some good,some not: ) great list!

  29. Welcome back to TT! I don’t know all of the series on your list, but most of them I remember.
    Thanks for visiting my grandmothers TT!

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