Very Positive Things About Moving

Moving is not fun. Well, possibly if you won the lottery and paid someone to move all your stuff and put it exactly where you want by reading your mind and all you had to do was drive over there and walk into a new mansion. Then it might be a little bit fun. I will say though that there are many positives resulting from our little move this past week.

  • I know I have mentioned them before, but they are worthy of mention yet again. I have not one, but two working toilets within my actual domicile. Not at the neighbors or in a freezing cold barn. And flushing them has not once caused raw sewage to spew into the yard a few feet from Bear’s door. I call that an extra added bonus.
  • I am so much closer to work I shaved nearly 30 minutes off my commute. With the average price of gas last week at high of $3.67 a gallon I have already saved $40 dollars in gas this week and I only went to work three days.
  • There is heat within my abode. Hard to think how I managed without it. Truly amazing stuff. I have never had radiant heat (in the ceiling) and it is warm without vents and drafts and not so dry. At the old place when we arose in the morning it was usually about 56 degrees and we would have to turn on the gas stove to warm it up enough to shower, because our little electric heater just couldn’t handle it.
  • Speaking of showers….this one is not a 3’6″ square. It actually has a tub. I can move around during a shower or soak in a tub.
  • On the weekend when Nanny and company came to visit, we were able to sit on couches (Thanks to a lovely gift from MacDougal of his old ones) and visit. We could only fit two chairs into the old place. We were also able to sit at the table and eat dinner.
  • This place is actually magical. One night I put our dirty dishes into this box under the cabinet and while I was sleeping pixies came and washed my dishes!
  • The washer and dryer are in the laundry (hall) closet. That means no going out through the rain and cold to wash and then hauling the laundry over to the barn to dry it.
  • A bonus laundry issue is there is hot water going to the washing machine. Do you know how much cleaner your clothes get when you can wash them in warm water?
  • You can walk down the hallway without having to turn sideways. In fact, two people can actually pass in the hallway.
  • Here I am allowed to actually hang things up. Our new place is now decorated and we were allowed to hang the toilet paper holder and towel racks too.

I could go on and on with things about not having gravel tracked inside, free water, wall to wall carpet, and electricity that works, but I will let you all go now. What was that? You say everyone has these things? Well, pshaw, who knew.

I do not have internet yet (should be done tomorrow!) and I have to walk down the road to find an unsecured network. I hope to be back full force soon and I will share an excellent story about Ladybug and some cute pictures of Butterball eating solid food! I may even be able to look up the Heads Or Tails for Tuesday and participate.


Haiku Friday – New Chapter


Dia duit*


  1. I’m so happy for you! You deserve everything, especially working potties!

  2. And now that the old place is illegally up for rent again thanks to ‘dumb and dumber’ I hope the new potential tenants find that place to be as laughable as I do now before they hand over any rent.

  3. Glad you’re enjoying the new place. I can’t believe we actually allowed us to go without so much (like heat), we now think of them as little perks instead of necessities. Hopefully the new renters will find it as laughable/pathetic as I do. Miss ya mum.

  4. I’m soo happy to hear this sweetie. 🙂


  5. I am so thrilled for you….living with some not so savory conditions ourselves at the moment I can relate.

    Good news we have an appointment with a loan officer Friday, to see if us buying is a viable option…if not we start the hunt for the rentals, which are very few right now.

  6. I so glad that you were able to write about some good things… one of my new bosses has this thing where every morning your shoudl look to the sky and tell yourself “it’s going to be a wonderful day”. It sounds a bit naff but its amazing how something self-affirming like that really works. anyway I hope you have lots more positive ‘wonderful’ days!

  7. It’s so wonderful to hear how well things are going for you, Vix! It’s like you’ve come out of the darkness and into the sun. I’m so very happy for you!

  8. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I’m so happy for you!

  9. pour ce concoursPS est-il possible de ne pas faire apparaitre mon nom et mon mail lors de la puaibcltion? Je ne sais pas trop comment ça marche tous ces commentaires ^^"

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  13. You look so beautiful Lisa! And the 2 little ones… how full of joy your home is right now.Praying for you and Peter. You look amazing, and that smile is radiant.LOVED this up close view!xo

  14. Que me gusta la tarta souflé por dios… yo creo que a mi me gustaría más hacerla con limas por que es más suave, no? bueno cariño espero que estés pasando un final de verano muy bueno….Un beso cariño mío

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