Buried deep within soft, pliable flesh

Governed by a capricious instructor

The basic framework of physicality

Solid and alive

Porous yet dense

Still like any monolith

Subject to the ravages of time


Peek A Boo


Dinner With Family


  1. What an elegant way of telling us your back hurts? ; ) I liked it.

  2. Interesting.

  3. I like this one, Vix!

  4. Biology gives me the heebie-jeebies – thinking about all that internal stuff sends me back to my freshman year in high school and the really really really old fetal pigs that were disected over and over and over – yick!

  5. This was really great. You’re so creative!

  6. Oh Vix, this is good. Real Good. No…great!

  7. Gosh, I hope that’s not your spine. It looks painful. Acupuncture? Yoga? That always works for me!

  8. No Nonsense girl

    Hoping you are fine sweetheart! (((hugs)))))

  9. You are on fire with the poetry woman!

  10. My back started hurting reading this. Power of suggestion?

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