Come One, Come All

The lovely, talented, daughter o’ mine Nanny of The Mommy Project is starting a new tradition. It’s called Self Portrait Saturday. Let’s show the world we are proud of ourselves and our diversity. Even if your shy, join in and just have fun. It doesn’t have to be your face! Just let go and enjoy. Click on the logo, get the graphics and have FUN.

Would you like to participate or find out more about Self Portrait Saturdays? Click here!

Self Portrait Saturdays!

Rules to Self Portrait Saturdays:

?Copy the logo code in the COLOR of your choice and post at the top of your Self Portrait Saturday.

?Include at least one picture of yourself, any part of yourself but it has to be of you. Hence the title, Self Portrait! (Your hand, face, toe…etc) You may include as many pictures as you want!

?You may edit your photo (Photoshop, Picasa, GIMP) un-touched photos welcome too!

?Try to visit as many other people participating in Saturday Self Portraits as possible and leave comments!

?Have fun with it!


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  1. Thanks mom! I hope people will join in so I don’t look like a loser! LOL.

  2. If I did pics, I would totally do this. However, the PITA over at Socially Dead has a camera and loves to take pics of herself. I’ll mention this to her. Happy Saturday, Vix!

  3. Mar

    Sounds fun. I put up the link, just have to wait to get home to add a picture!

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