Hello and Goodbye

ReadWritePoem Prompt #23

For your poem this week, try combining two elements that don’t seem to go together at first glance. Here’s the process:
• Think of a happy memory, a moment that brings you joy. Write five to ten lines about that moment and then put the poem away.
• Write about a moment or time of distress, sadness or anger. Once again, write five to ten lines.
• Get out the first poem and combine it with the second by alternating lines.

A moment in time when love ruled all

Knowing the day was coming made it no easier to reach

Two souls joined forever and celebrated with many

The goodbye seemed all too soon

Joyous and merry, laughing and crying

A celebration of life passed

Dances and words and songs to express

Remembrances of laughter and love

A feeling that really has no words

A longing for days gone by palpable in the air

Solemnized by law and church

Eulogies recalling days well spent and life lessons earned

Snatches of the day live forever in our minds

Tears spent, the idea of absence difficult to grasp

The day we became one

The day we let you go


Sick Haiku


Wordless Wednesday-I have no idea what this face is but I love it


  1. I think that’s my favortie thing you’ve written. Beautiful!

  2. This is superb.
    The theme behind it is intense and wonderful.
    I love this poem, definitely hold on to this one.

  3. i love this…bliss and grief, combined. images so clear, and so touching.

  4. This is a great poem, VERY GREAT POEM, EXCELLENT POEM. I’m not just saying that because you forced me to comment either. ; P Hahaha. No, I really did like it though.

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