Oh My Heavens…I have to write a poem

I love writing poetry. But I like to think about it a bit. I dislike just smashing it out. However, with all that said: I have been very busy celebrating my only son’s wedding all day and I forgot to write an extra poem for moments like this (note to self: write some extra poems for NaPoWriMo in case you have a busy day). So a haiku, my poetry form of choice for emergencies.

Beauty all around
The day was full love/joy
I am satisfied




Oh The Mommy-ness That Won't Let Go


  1. No Nonsense girl

    I saw the pictures. I wanna say congrats My friend. What a great family you all are. 🙂


  2. Love it.

  3. Short and sweet. Nice!

  4. YAY!!!
    Congratulations everybody.

  5. Purdy new blog. Woot!

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