The Colors Of A Sick Baby


I had a great plan today to work on the One Single Impression cue of color. Unfortunately, Butterball decided to interfere with my relax-write poetry-crochet on afghan day. She has had a fever for five days without much else. No ear pulling and only really cranky when her fever would spike. She did have a loss of appetite for the last few days and today decided she was not interested in nursing. So Nanny decided to take her to Urgent Care. Approximately 759,367 other parents also decided the same thing. They arrived at 1pm when it opened (I think, I was still at home dreaming the foolish dreams of a Grandmother left to her own devices). By 3pm they still had not been seen and Lloyd had to leave for work at 3:45. So who ya gonna call? Grambusters! I went over and relieved him. We were eventually seen and they couldn’t find anything wrong, but just in case they wanted to do a chest x-ray (I am still not sure about that one). But, alas, there is no x-ray machine at the UC. So they sent us off to the local emergency room for that (which is also the trauma center for the area and one of the busiest places in the county). We returned with our x-ray on CD and Butterball was pronounced:

A cold.

I got home at 8PM!!!!

I will not, however, miss a day of NaPoWriMo. For I am Grambuster

Your chubby cheeks flushed coral
Your eyelids painted crimson, with a slash of violet underneath
Eyes of seagreen glassed over
All set within a palette of pale cornsilk
A dose of bright salmon Motrin
Combined with fluffy, cotton candy pink love from Mommy and Grandma
You start feeling peachy!




Sick Haiku


  1. Such attention to ever detail can come only from a loving heart. I feel for you all the way through this poem. And I’m glad it’s just a cold.

  2. Oh, poor Butterball. It is so sad when the little ones who can’t really talk yet are sick. Hope she feels better soon.

  3. I’m so happy the baby is okay! I know the xray probably seemed excessive, but I am all for tests! When brandi was 3 months old, we thought she had a cold, and the doctor’s did an xray just in case, and it showed pnemonia.

    Like always, love the poem grambuster!!!

  4. How lovely to have that beautiful poem come out of a bad situation. Hope she’s feeling better!

  5. Awwww, I always feel sad for sick babyies, they’re too cute to feel icky! I hope your Butterball gets better real soon!! 🙂

  6. Seems to me you met the criteria twice – not just a color rich poem but a “colorful” description of your day. I hope the baby is feeling better and that her grandma gets some crochet time today.

  7. Aud

    Hope the baby will get well soon. The poem comes across full of “colors” with your description.

  8. A fine example of making lemonade when life is full of lemons! Great job – hope Butterball is feeling well again…Poor little punkin…

  9. After this wonderful poem, the baby HAS to feel better. so lvely!

  10. Great poem, that is really how she looked yesterday. And I guess grandma and mommy love had to do something because today she has no fever! So either that or she is a big faker! (I’m gonna go with the mommy and grandma love, though)

  11. ..ur poem warmly recreates that popular adage:God couldn’t be everywhere so he created moms:whatever the figure of speech love has its’ own idiom..,lots of it to the baby and thanks to u..

  12. No Nonsense girl

    grandma to the rescue!!! 🙂

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