The Pace


I saw three snails sailing across the parking lot this morn

Like little ships awash on a blacktop ocean

Their pace was not enough to save them

From the rising sun and heat

I picked them up and moved them

One by one into the vast green sea nearby

The gardener probably hates me

PS: I have an update on ALL HEART regarding my Everyday Kindness efforts. Please pop over and share it!


Wordless Wednesday-Presenting Mr & Mrs Macdougal


Thursday Thirteen #32


  1. You wrote this? I REALLY like this one!

  2. Ps. I can’t figure out how to comment on your All Heart post. Am I just special? Is there a way?

  3. Hey love, I adore the poem very sweet.
    I replied to your emails, but both failed to go through to you, I got the dreaded Mailer-Daemon message, it would be to the address for the site.
    You may need to add my email to that,

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