Sounds emitted into space

Creating a synapse celebration

A distinct collection of nothingness

Releasing inhibition and drawing edges

Around the boundaries of nothing

Eclectic, electric impulses

Involuntary explosions of threads

Weaving a tapestry of mesh

Complete with holes and traps

Anything may slip through

Everything may stay

Blinks of passages meant to follow

Considering paths lead to the sky

A thruway of wispy cotton directing nowhere

Arriving in a cavalcade of redirection

Leaving in a series of empty stations

Untamed is altogether pleasurable


Daddy Catch 'Em On A Hook


The Colors Of A Sick Baby


  1. Pam

    I really like the part about the holes and traps; the lines “anything may slip through everything may stay” is really nice.

  2. No Nonsense girl

    that’s good. I emailed you back girl!!!!!

  3. “A thruway of wispy cotton directing nowhere
    Arriving in a cavalcade of redirection”
    Thats my favorite line…

  4. Pam

    Not too long ago I was where you are in your writing… hadn’t written anything since a junior high school English teacher insisted that everything had to be outlined first. One tip I found useful and to start reading lots of published poems. The following books are also very good: “Rules for the Dance” by Mary Oliver, “The Writing Life” by Annie Dillard, “In the Palm of Your Hand” by Steve Kowit, and “The Practice of Poetry” edited by Robin Behn and Chase Twichell. Most of all– Keep Writing!

  5. You do write beautiful poems.

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