Why Run?

A few months ago, I was meandering around the site of the Breast Cancer 3-day. It seemed like such a great cause. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. I worry about my mom and my aunts. I would love to see an end to breast cancer in my lifetime. Particularly before my girls get much older. It’s personal to me.

My problem is I have never liked running. It seems like a such colossal waste of brain time. My brain is bored in 2.5 seconds. Kind of like being stuck in traffic, except I can’t read while I run. Then there are the shin splits. Ever since high school gymnastics I started getting shin splits and, as I recall, those things were damn painful.

I have been on the sidelines cheering Karen on in her endeavors and it has inspired me. My inspiration was not to run, but to find some kind of exercise program that fit into my life (i.e., free and not too time consuming). Then my dear friend Allisone over at Deserved Indulgence posted about The Couch-to-5K Running Plan and it got me to thinking again. I spend too much time on the couch. I know this. You see, my brain needs constant feeding. On the couch I can watch TV, laptop (which has become a verb to me), read and crochet all at the same time. I am pretty sure I can’t crochet while running.

But what if I could run? What if I got off the couch and it was enjoyable? Could it be a triple benefit: enjoyable, good for me, and I could help cure cancer?

And so I turn to you, brilliant and experienced people of the blogiverse, why do you run? I have heard of a “runner’s high” is that it? (It’s obviously lower in calories than my current several-glasses-of-wine high.)

And please tell me, what on earth do you runner’s do with your brain while you run???? I need you all to convince me running is good, m’kay?


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  1. When you have been enlightened I will come back and seek to be enlightened as well. I think running is pure evil. I believe my hatred of it goes back to those darn PE classes! I don’t like to fail at things and I was even worse at failing back then, but I sure as heck couldn’t run that stinkin’ 10 minute mile they were so bent on us doing! I like the ellipticals at the university where I work’s gym, but alas no child care at the gym and unfortunately I can’t afford the standard 100 bucks a month gym membership! So what do I do? Sit on my booty. I’ve really got to get moving after this little dude gets here!

  2. Last night I posted some of the emotional reasons I run. But there are also a few practical reasons.
    It has a meditative quality (that’s what I do with my brain, or I listen to audiobooks) .
    It shows results quickly. Each day I can run longer – and my legs and arms shrink.
    It’s quicker. You can apparently burn the same amount of calories walking the same distance, but running covers ground faster.
    The majority of distance runners I have met look 10-15 years younger than they are.

    Now if I look 15 years younger than I look already, the truancy officer from the Monkey’s school will be dragging me into 5th period science.

  3. I’m not a runner, but I love to walk. I put on my mp3, turn up the music, and I’m in heaven. It’s also a good time to think about things, or concentrate on nature.

    But, for me, it’s all about the music!

  4. First off, I want to tell you how much I LOVE your blog design – it’s so creative and cooool!
    Hmmm…while I run i think “I can’t wait to be done” and “I wonder how far till I’m done” and I listen to tunes sometimes, but mostly, just the thinking. My job and life is so nuts that running lets my brain relax somewhat. So sometimes it’s just static…lol!

  5. Yes, runners high feels GREAT!! When I run (I know, I say that like I’ve done it recently…) anyways, when I run I usually end up thinking about problems and trying to come up with solutions. I think about where my life is headed and where I WANT it to go. Then I come up with plans for getting there. You see, I have a busy brain too. I have to constantly be problem solving. Oh, and if life is all cheery and roses, I’ll try to memorize something, a poem or a speech or a song. I use my steps to keep a beat 🙂

  6. I am soooo not a runner. My lungs have a three minute running capacity. and now i am fat. so it would probably kill me….LOL!

  7. Mar

    The only running I do is to the fridge for a beer between comercials and then I have to be faster than the tivo!!

    In my defense (aka an excuse) I have horrible knees that give out on me all the time and running is not an exercise I can participate in.

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