Today’s prompt comes for the Poetry Blog of 32 Poems Magazine. “Write a poem in the form of an official document.” For example a poem in the form of a will.

If you are reading this, I have passed from this plane into another
Do not grieve for me, for I am in Heaven with those who traveled before me
I shall be with you and watch over you each and every day, have no fear

To my husband:
I leave you every breath I took with you
A love that is breath taking and life giving
A lifetime of cherished moments to hold you over
Secrets shared, laughs imparted, passion ignited and sated
I leave three precious gifts of our love
In which you shall see me every moment,
In little looks, movements, and speech

To My Children:
I leave you my soul, which I surrendered at your birth
I leave you my mind, which I shared with you every day
I leave you a world I struggled to make better for you
I leave you a sense of accomplishment for all you achieve
And a sense of pride for all that you attempt
I leave you joy with which to experience all there is in life
I leave you a foundation for life
A family unit built of deep, abiding love
Of trust, honesty, blessings and miracles

To The World:
I leave with you my gratification for challenging me
I leave you my sense of having touched some, hurt some, helped some
I leave you grateful of nature so magnificent
And daily beauty so remarkable

Keep working, keep succeeding, keep trying. I will see you when you get here.


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  1. Ha! Even in a document that can be so boring you have created a inspirational piece!!

  2. To My Children:
    I leave you my soul, which I surrendered at your birth


  3. Okay, so you can like NEVER die. That was totally depressing. ;'(

  4. I did not find it depressing, I found it to be a true work of art that should tucked away to be read on that day when it does come.

  5. That was pretty amazing. Don’t go anywhere though, ‘k?

  6. Mar

    Excuse me while I go and get a Kleenex…

  7. Admiring all the effort you put into your blog. I particular liked this post. Best regards, Belle Webster ~ tinypocketpeople

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