99 is too hot, went here, nice 74

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Sorry I am late to play, but it was just too hot to stay home. I had to head to the coast with the kids and grandbabes to beat the heat!

Here I am



No Worries Just good Vibrations


The Art Of Life


  1. Awww you have cute toes! I wish I could reach mine to paint them!

  2. Ha! That’s definately the place to be. I started out there in the morning but then drove into Pasadena area yuck. Hot,hot, hot. Keep cool. Nice shot of the beach and your feet :0)

  3. I miss going to the beach. I can’t wait!!! I bought myself a cool swimsuit! 😀

    Thanks for your nice words this week.

    Love ya

  4. The beach was fun today. I had a good time, even though I don’t like the beach. And I got a sunburn. But my legs are darker!
    Thanks for playing!

  5. I miss the beach. When I lived in NY, on long island, there was water in every direction. Now I’m at least 5 hours from the ocean, and I miss it.

  6. It was 94 degrees here SE of SEattle yesterday. Nothing like going from 58 degree days to a 94 degree one. Today was mid 70’s…….soon back to my favorite wet/cloudy days with 60 as the high.

    Love the picture.

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