A Fishy Excuse

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Sorry I am late again. You think with it being a three day weekend I would be out having fun! Alas, no. It is damp and rainy here so I finally got a bigger storage unit and moved my stuff from one to the other. I am only half way done, but had to quit due to back pain (shhhh, don’t tell me you told me so. Mr. Vixen already did that enough for all of you). I started this last night and should have posted it then.

I love salt water fish. I would very much learn to scuba dive. In the meantime, Fishboy was kind enough to create and maintain a superbly lovely salt water tank in my dining room. I can sit in a chair and stair the tank for hours. We have seven fish right now, who I have named: Nee, Mo, Chevy, Dory, Speedy, Chevy and Mr. Limpet. Also countless amounts of anemone, crabs, and coral.

Here is a shot of Speedy, Mo and my fingers in reflection (see I tied in the self portrait part!).


Here is Nee

IMG_7994a :

And here is Mr. Limpet:



Beautiful, Baby from the outside in


I Forgot The Rule


  1. That’s gorgeous! I’ve always wanted a fish tank with sea horses, but I can barely keep my beta happy. hehehe

  2. Lol. I guess that counts!

  3. We really want a fish tank one of these days.
    Yikes a bigger storage locker? We are trying to get our stuff out of the storage locker so we can save the $70/month that costs.
    I need Mr. Husband to get some shelves put up so I can start unpacking some of the boxes we are currently stumbling over.

  4. Cool! I love salt water aquariums and have always wanted one. Until recently, however, I’ve been a bit too unsettled for that. Your’s is great!

  5. I love the pictures of the fish….I like them, but i kill all fish and plants….(amazing my kids have all made it…)

  6. Great fish – but how does that qualify as a self-portrait?

  7. Beautiful! I have three tanks in my house, but they are all freshwater. Haven’t been brave enough to do a saltwater tank yet. I can stare at my fish forever, too. They are like mesmerizing and definitely a great stress reliever!!!

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