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Tonight is the two hour season finale for LOST. After this my tv viewing addiction goes into hibernation until next fall. I have decided to take a stand next fall and not get into any new shows. That way if you have a favorite it will not be canceled. Because I am a curse like that: If I like a new show and watch it~It will be canceled.

While it is true that I like the stories on LOST and I enjoy watching it because it keeps me guessing; I will admit, also, that Josh Holloway is fantastic to look at. If you agree, head on over to Margie & Edna’s Basement and watch this video. Makes me want some ice cream. Actually head on over there anyway, because those ladies are highly entertaining!

PS: Not so confidential to my children who read my blog: As you just read, tonight is the season finale on LOST. I think you all know what that means. So, if my phone rings during that time period I will automatically assume that either yourself, your spouse, or one of your children are in grave peril and I will react accordingly. M’kay? Oh, and no reason to tell your Dad what I said about Sawyer, got it?


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  1. Never got hooked on this show, so I will be watching So You Think You Can Dance?

  2. I don’t watch lost, but I sure got a kick outta your P.S. Back when Friends was still airing new episodes I was the same way, if it was on then DO NOT DISTURB unless your life is in jepardy. :O

  3. So I will remember to call tonight, just to see how it’s going. Maybe I’ll call to complain more about my ankle or…the weather. You know, cuz I just hate it when it’s the perfect temp outside with a nice cool breeze and all…

  4. That’s too funny! That applies to me on thursdays during survivor and ER!

  5. Thank you for sending folks to the basement. Isn’t Josh delightful in that video? Yes, pass the ice cream.

  6. I HATE summer tv…especially this year, as I am on limited activity and can’t do much…..I have seen almost everything on the tube already…..Sigh….

  7. I’m laughing the deep chortle of recognition. I was glued to the TV for the entire 3 hour LOST event. OMG! And, we’re at the beach … and I had my husband on alert that he was assuming all parental duties … and in my mind’s eye, I have already planned to rewatch all of season 4 (and I mirror your sentiments on Josh).

  8. They called!??!! Ohhhh! Bad children!!! You should spank them! I don’t care how old they are or your beliefs about spanking. That’s a spanking offense. hehehehehe

    Isn’t Josh just scrumptious??!! I used to love those ice cream bars when we lived in Denmark! Now I really want one!

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