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I am combining this weeks post because Nannygoat said rules are made to be broken, especially if they aren’t really rules they are just guidelines. Or something like that.

Does anyone remember the Share A Square Program? When I took on the supposedly simple task of joining together 48 squares of love and hope into one heartwarming afghan for kid’s with cancer attending CAMP SANGUINITY? I have promised to finish oh so many times on here haven’t I?


IMG_7529 IMG_7531

Now you are saying to yourself, how is this a Self Portrait? Well, let me tell you. This blanket is not just 48 strangers who cared enough and one crazy old lady who pieced it altogether. It is me. It is my work, sweat and tears. The day we were evacuated during the fires we had only minutes to get out. I prioritized: #1-Kids, #2-Dogs, #3-Afghan squares. Seriously. That was how I threw packed stuff into the van. Well, hubs too somewhere in there. The poor squares got a beat down traveling in my circus and before I could join them all together I had to remove each tag, wash away the smoke and ash from the fires and re-tag them. Then, you know, other life stuff got in the way. But it’s done now. And it is a mighty beautiful work of art we all created, isn’t it?


Life's soundtrack


Gone Fishing


  1. This is perfect for Self Portrait Saturday, it’s your work. A very big part of you. I’m glad it’s done, I’m sure the kids will enjoy it!

  2. Wow… I can almost feel all the effort you put into that. May you feel the love you clearly demonstrated doing this, Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Mar

    Great job!!

  4. creative one, perfect catch indeed! Hope you’ll visit mine too…Hope you’ll visit mine too…

  5. This is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve shared at Small Reflections today.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. What an accomplishment!! Well done, I might add. Happy Mother’s Day.

  7. Wow that’s a wonderful quilt and a lovely gesture. A belated happy weekend

  8. YAY! I can’t believe how incredible all of Shelly’s afghans turned out and how many people added their love to them. It is really awesome! I’ve been trying to help SHelly raise the funds for her additional big dream of sending all of these kids to camp for free. I’m raffling off an iPod Shuffle. If you could write a blurb about that it would mean the world to me and Shelly!!!!

    Thanks! Happy Mother’s Day!!!!! Jessica

  9. You are amazing, sweet lady. Before you send that to me, put a tag on it that says it was pieced together by you. Such a story to go with it. Such a wonderful heartwarming story. Thank you many times over.

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