Hanging Out In The Amniotic Pool

Yesterday MacDougal, Funsize, Mr. Vixen and I got another sneak peek at Watermelon. When Funsize had her last ultrasound with her OB last month, the doctor was unable to visualize some heart outflow thing and thought that possibly the right atrium as a bit enlarged. She scheduled a higher resolution ultrasound down at UCSD. They checked the boy out and everything is fine and dandy. The extra bonus was we got more pictures of the little tyke. He appears to definitely have his father’s look and he has MacDougal’s big feet!


He is a bit shy like MacD:


He wasn’t really interested in waking up and visiting:


Now Grandpa (Mr. Vixen) wasn’t at the last ultrasound which confirmed Watermelon’s ‘boy’ status, and required further proof. He is such a proud Papa and I bet Watermelon will make him pay some day for hanging this picture up on the fridge:



Wordless Wednesday: Forgotten toy~you vote!




  1. He’s gonna make you pay some day for putting it up on the web too. 😀 Those are adorable! That little foot just makes me wanna tickle his toes!

  2. Awww..he’s beautiful!!!

  3. Isn’t technology marvelous? I am glad to hear everything is fine with the little guy.

  4. 3-D ultra sound pictures…I have yet to have any of those…they are pretty cool…

    There are some advantages to the doc having questions….With Jeremy we had so many concerns that they had us in for four ultra sounds…so I was able to see my little man 4 different times before he came to see us for good…

    I still want four ultra sounds this time…just not the problems….LOL!

  5. I LOVE the foot pic. I got one of my daughter — both feet — and it just made me giggle.

  6. How wonderful your watermelon is! Seeing her gives me hope.

  7. That is awesome! Great shot of his foot!! I really love how these pictures actually look like a baby, unlike the old kind that looked like blobs of black and white :0

    Happy Rockin’ Friday!! 🙂

  8. Isn’t he adorable? 🙂

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