Just Another Day in Paradise


This week’s theme/prompt is: HEADS – Flower. For more participants in Heads or Tails click HERE.

Before we moved to the property last year I had two or three potted plants that I had managed to keep alive for a few years. They were usually in various shades of yellowing from lack of care. When we moved to such a large property, already overwhelmingly landscaped with beautiful plants, I became a fanatic. I planted and planted. When we moved, one of the hardest things was moving and finding a place for all my pots of plants.

While cleaning out some storage stuff, I found a bag with bulbs in it that had sat too long and began to sprout. I had two ledge boxes that I used for herbs last year so I stuck them in there. They looked pathetic and I wasn’t sure they would survive. So you can imagine my joy Saturday when I awoke and found this single bloom. I think it is an Iris (?). The other five plants don’t have anything that looks like a bud yet, but this one plant has four more. The flower only lasted one day so thank heavens I had my camera (ha, ha when don’t I have my camera?).




O Roma, Roma, wherefore art thou Roma?


Wordless Wednesday: Forgotten toy~you vote!


  1. You are getting really good with the camera. The last one is my favorite.

  2. Beautifl shots of a beautiful flower!

  3. Flowers are one of my favorite photographic subjects!

    Just beautiful, Vix!

  4. That’s beautiful – I love the closeup!! 🙂

  5. Wow, that flower is absolutely beautiful! You take very good shots!

  6. That is a fantastic shot you took!!! The colors are so vibrant and I can almost smell the flower.

  7. Such gorgeous shots. Wow! I love the color and the detail.

  8. Absolutely beautiful flower! I love fuchsia and yellow together! The Wildwood Flower is at my place!

    Happy HoTs!

  9. Mar

    Bulbs are my favorite!!

  10. Lovely shot – I suspect that pretty flower is a lily of some kind. Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous. Happy Tuesday!

  11. What a delightful surprise for you … and for us. Thanks for sharing! I participated at Small Reflections this morning and just returned home from my Photoshop class (and running errands) … so I’m visiting at last.
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. BTW – I tagged you 🙂

  13. Was this one of the plants that survived my dunken rampage?

  14. Beautiful!

  15. beautiful pictures 😀

    Missed ya

  16. Stunning photographs.

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