Inspired this week by OSIbadge‘s prompt of


Is it letting go
Of feelings that drag you down
Just walking away

Is it becoming
The person you like better
Than you were before

Cherish that I have
Alternatives and options
To pick my life’s path

A fork in the trail
Not inclined to choose just yet
I’ll just rest here now

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  1. To be free of a need to choose is a wonderful freedom. I like this very much!

  2. Girl, I felt like you were speaking right at me today. Beautiful!

  3. Oh, wow. That is just awesome and true and so beautifully told in haiku. Loved it!

  4. I loved it too. I love haiku and I loved these. Feeling very loving this evening. Thanks for inspiring it.

  5. beautifully done!

  6. Very inspiring, I am thinking maybe I will have to start doing these for some writing workout.

  7. I think we pay too little respect for the need to rest. It’s as important or more so than movement. This truly a lovely piece. Well done!

  8. ..with no complications facets of freedom explored so well..thank u..

  9. Nice poem. You should start a poem journal and write these all down to give to your kids one day…they might like them! *wink*

  10. Too often we forget that we have the freedom to grow and let go. Simple and lovely!

  11. I admire someone who is prepare to put into words those things that are important to them. Well written and the words are indeed very true.

  12. All lovely, but I really, really love the last one.

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