O Roma, Roma, wherefore art thou Roma?

Yesterday I went to Taco Smell to grab a cheap grande meal for lunch. There was a note on the counter that due to FDA warnings they were not serving tomatoes. I read said notice and thought to myself, “hmmph, I haven’t heard anything about this.”

Later in the day I ran to the grocery store for my weekly shopping torture expedition. I went to grab some tomatoes (I love to eat roma tomatoes with tuna for lunch). The shelves were disturbingly empty. Not a tomatoe in the house. Finally, I spied another little note stating they were not selling tomatoes due to the FDA warning.

Apparently, the FDA thinks tomatoes are spreading salmonella and I was totally unaware. This is the danger of watching only recorded tv shows and never seeing the news. Despite the fact that the FDA has determined that California tomatoes cannot be the source of the problem, there are still no tomatoes on my shelves.

At least the government and grocers are looking out for me. Otherwise who knows what kind of trouble I could get into?…..Meanwhile, anyone have any homegrown tomatoes they want to share?


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  1. We have tomatoes here. I guess sc doesn’t care about it’s residents!

  2. Yep since I was on the road through LA yesterday (twice) I had the news channel on and heard this report a few times that the outbreak was spreading across many states. Having just had lots of tomatos at the shower, I’m hoping since we prayed over the food I won’t get salmonella….
    Have a great day.

  3. News to me too, and I had roma tomatoes this weekend in my salad. Have not been shopping since Friday though.
    I’m off after today, Mary has me covered for linking my memes, but thanks, just visit my blog, there will still be daily posts. Hope to be back online this coming weekend, depends how agile I am and if there are complications.

  4. I bought some at Costco on Friday. We get most of our produce there because it’s organic. I also can’t stand the grocery – would rather take my life than go there regularly. Since D is a lovely person, but thinks that food grows in the food cabinets, we shop at Costco.

    I also have planted 8 no 10 tomato plants.

  5. I had been hearing news about this. Initially, it was just in southern states, so I was surprised when it spread up to Connecticut.

    This evening, we went out for burgers, and had them without tomatoes. However, we get most of our vegetables from a local farm, they’re much better that way anyway.

    So, if you want tomatoes, find your nearest farmers market. While you’re there, check out some other good locally grown produce as well. It is better for all of us if we eat locally grown produce.

  6. Fortunately I grow my own tomatoes. This story adds a new slant to the old saying – eat your fruit and vegetables.

  7. My hubby went to get Chick Fil A today and they said the same thing out here in Arkansas. I hadn’t heard a thing about it until then. If you wash your whole tomatoes how can it really be a problem…

  8. Ohhh…apparently the salmonella can get inside! (just went and watched something on cnn) That’s icky!

  9. I heard that they suspected Florida for the outbreak, but they have since been cleared to ship more tomatoes.

    We planted some Beef Eater and Roma vines a few weeks ago and they are growing rapidly. No fruit yet, but the vines are getting really big. Thank you Miracle Grow.

  10. I bought tomatoes late last week (before they were removed from shelves) and I am eating them WITH ABANDON. Salmonella BE DAMNED. I love me some BLTs. But the little grape and cherry tomatoes look so lonely at the grocery store.

  11. Yes, I saw that notice at taco bell to the other day. And then I saw it at McDonalds while I was waiting for the hubbs to pick me up after court. I was totally unaware as well!

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