Wordless Wednesday: Forgotten toy~you vote!





Just Another Day in Paradise


Hanging Out In The Amniotic Pool


  1. Ok everyone, I can’t decide which one I like the best. They are all taken with different settings of my camera–no touch up in any editing program. Please vote for the one you like best!

  2. Those are all lovely, but the middle one is my favorite. I wish my camera did stuff like that!

  3. I like the middle one!

  4. Oh my hard to choose. I think I like the 2nd one best…

  5. All are nice. But the bottom one with the blue is my favorite.

  6. They are all wonderful. I would go for the middle one if pressed but they are all excellent. Happy WW

  7. Looks like a little watering can. I like the middle one, too. Is there a prize? Does someone win the watering can?

  8. Nice effects, I would also go for the middle one. I wish I could figure out what the object is that you were photographing.

  9. Beautiful, Vixen. I like the subtlety of the pink hearts in the second one. You have to take time to notice it, and when you do it’s a pleasant, inviting surprise.

  10. i would also vote for the second one… although i like blue, the pale pink tinge on the hearts give it a more nostalgic effect… very poignant… on another note, wish i could do this with my camera 🙂

  11. I’m going to be original and say I like the second one best! LOL! There’s just something so pretty about the little pink hearts!

  12. I’d have to say the middle one, with the splashes of pink, is my favorite. It just has a delicate/girly feel to it.

  13. I like the one with a touch of pink.

  14. I like the first one!

  15. I like those, but I LOVE the middle one!! 🙂

  16. Interesting series. (How did you do that?) I agree with others – the middle one is my favorite.

  17. Vixen, everybody likes the second one and I do too! Can you take the picture once more and use the MF (macro) setting. You’ll get the same effect as the second one by clearer. Good job! 😀

  18. not “by” “but” 🙂

  19. wow,how did you do that?
    It’s so good.the subject just have diff facet because of color.happy WW.

  20. i love the first one – the subtle blue cast & the lonliness of the much-loved-but-now-forgotten toy creates a wonderful juxtaposition & evokes that meloncholy of longgone childhood memories…

  21. I like the first picture best.

    Happy WW and thanks for stopping by my site.

  22. I like the one with a little bit of pink. They are all very good.

  23. I like #2! It rocks!

  24. I like #2 best … and methinks I need to play with the settings on my camera to see what they do because this is fun!
    Hugs and blessings,

  25. They’re all good – I think I like #3 the best though … seems to say “forgotten” to me more than the others.

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