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This week’s theme/prompt is: HEADS – Royal. For more participants in Heads or Tails click HERE.

I would like to tell you I am a descendant of royalty because I have always been fascinated by tales of historic royalty. I could tell you I was named for a queen, but that would only be one sentence. So instead I will regale you with tales of dear Mr. Vixen’s ancestry. After all, marrying into royalty is the same as being royal, n’est pas?

MacDougal has done a lot of genealogy for us, both my family and Mr. Vixen’s. He has found nearly an entire state of Mr. Vixen’s family, including living relatives, family reunions, and an entire cemetery named for us. This name we have, with it’s rich American history, is not the same name Mr. Vixen’s ancestors came to the promised land with. We believe at Ellis Island it was changed to it’s current form.

For today’s prompt we will, however, concentrate on the original form: Eckhardt. One translation says: “Eck” means sword in Latin and “hardt” means hard, therefore being swordhard. Another says “by the sharp edge of the sword” First found in Saxony, it appears to belong mostly to German Black Knights of noble birth.

The main insignia on the family’s coat of arms is a shield with an arm clad in armor holding a sword and cutting with it an oak branch. The oak branch is denoted by its leaves and acorns. This symbolizes that the family bears a “strong sword.”

So, now you may all feel free to address me as Lady Vixen.


Minute By Minute


A Knight Any Which Way


  1. Lady Vixen, great take on this week’s HoT. It’s always interesting to learn the meaning of a name, especially when it would suggest an elevated ancestry. Fun stuff!

    Happy HoT!

  2. My mom had someone do research on her side of the family’s ancestry. I don’t think we had any royalty though.

    Thanks for playing Lady Vixen! I always enjoy your posts. πŸ™‚

  3. thank you lady vixen, for enlightening me. due respect will be given…

  4. cool, i’ve always wanted to know my history, where my family comes from. i’ll bet it’s nowhere near as interesting as yours though!!

  5. Lady Vixen, your post is in the royalest manner this morning. Happy HOT day!

  6. Great post, Lady Vixen! I wish I had such an interesting family history. I’m afraid my lot are just a bunch of commoners. Happy Tuesday!

  7. I like the name Lady Vixen. Has a great ring to it. you should definetely keep it haha!

    Thanks for stopping by my place πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you my Lady, for gracing the pages of my blog this morning!

  9. Excellent…I must remember Lady Vixen from now on…I bow in your presence. And picture me exiting now without turning my back to you my royal ‘hiney’! [just kidding of course]

  10. Sue

    Very cool m’Lady! I love genealogy research despite how tedious it can get at times πŸ™‚ Happy HOT day!

  11. I am pretty sure that I am in no imaginable way related to royalty. But, I did visit Lady Vixen’s blog, so I’m royal by association. Or something. Right? πŸ™‚

  12. Very cool! It’s stuff like this that make me want to get into geneology. πŸ™‚

  13. I love genealogy, have a whole book someone on my mom’s side wrote about our family – Luxembourg(-ish? -ian?) on that side. I love hearing about where I came from!

  14. Fair Lady Vixen, methinks I should taketh a part in HoT. Thou hast inspired me truly, even as such I should further investigate the origins of my own sir name. But why didn’t you post the origin of the name Vixen? πŸ˜‰

  15. The world is indeed a small place. My neighbours are ‘Eckhardts’. They come from Austria originally and have now settled in South Africa. It seems as if that sword has been swung far and wide.

    Thanks for allowing me to comment m’lady.

  16. That’s really cool. I’ve always wanted to know my family history.

  17. Lady Vixon, I bow down to you. What a terrific take for today. I’ve really enjoyed everyones interpretation.

  18. That is such an great story. My fathers grandparents came from Austra and they changed their name too…but I have no idea what the original name is. And all of those on my fathers side are either estranged or have passed on.

  19. Great take on the theme.
    PS….I will be gone next week and maybe into the week after.
    Starting Tuesday 6-10 all of my posts will be autosent. I will spend this weekend preparing them.
    Pre-op is tonight.

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