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HEADS – Doctor

Is there such a thing as a doctor for your life? A professional who can prescribe some immodium for my daily living? Just when I gain a bit of a smile or manage one deep breath? Ha ha. Life gets the runs on me again.

Last night I went to get some ice cubes from the freezer. Said ice cubes were in the incorrect state. They were liquid. I started poking things. Everything was soft. Moved things around and noticed a puddle of popsicles. Ugh. Check fridge. Yummy, warm milk! Run to the store for ice and to the storage facility for our coolers. Pack everything up that fits and then put a few bags of stuff in the neighbor’s fridge (thanks!). Call the landlady and have one of those ?HUH? conversations.

Me: Hi, Ditzy Landlady. Her: Hi Vixen, is something wrong? Me: Yes. The fridge is broken and all my food is spoiling and that is very bad because I don’t have money to replace the food. Her: Oh no! Well did you check the switch? I am sure it’s just the switch. Me: The switch? You mean the breaker? Her: Yes, the breaker. It is hard to reset. Me: We actually did reset the breaker just to see if it would kick start the fridge. But it is not a power issue because although the fridge is not cold, the light is still on. Her: Oh. Well I can’t begin to tell you how much I don’t want to buy you a new fridge this month. Me: ****just blinking**** Her: Oh well, I guess I will have to. All I can do is call Sears in the morning and see what they can do. Thanks, Vixen. Bye.

I have met the Rug Doctor, but does he have a cousin Fridge Doctor?


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  1. I think at one point in the past I may have had the same landlord.

  2. Oh that seriously sucks, we had that happen at the second place we rented and the guy was such a pain in the bum over it.
    Now we actually have 2 fridges, because we have the one we had to buy at the last house so we are safe should one crap out….and it better be the one that came with the townhouse.
    Hope you get everything taken care of fast, and cook up as much of the food as you can, it will last a bit longer that way.

  3. Oy! I’d have had to tell her that if she didn’t want to buy a new fridge when the old one broke she probably shouldn’t be a landlady…

    Hope you didn’t lose too much food!

  4. Ooh, yep, that really is not a good thing at all! When ours went out at our old apartment, I got them to pay to replace the food. Now I have tons of stuff since I’d lose from the freezer since I was cooking and freezing. I do hope you can salvage most of it and that you get a new fridge that’s even nicer. Still, what a pain in the butt.

  5. Oh no. What a dingbat. I hope you can save some of your stuff.

  6. That is too bad about the fridge. I hope too much food doesn’t spoil.

    Yes, I guess she will have to call Sears. It’s her responsibility.

  7. Ah … I’m sorry for your ‘fridge’ frustrations and hope you either get a new fridge or the old one repaired and working. Living out of ice chests is okay for camping and picnics but not much fun at home. I’ve been there and done that myself for several weeks after a ‘disaster’ I may write about on one of my blogs some day … but not today.
    Hugs and blessings,

  8. I hope you sort out the problem quickly. I must say you definitely have a knack for coming up with great titles for your posts. This one’s title just dragged me in from the reader, I just had to come and see what it was all about.

  9. The last time I was a renter they made me buy my own fridge.

  10. Mar

    Eventually there will be nothing else that can go wrong. Uugh! What a pain. I hope its fixed soon.

  11. Cindi

    i think in this world there is only one ditzy landlord and someone cloned her ass and tossed her to every community in the country. When our rental in Mississippi took a direct lightening strike (it blew the phone breaker box off the wall, blasted the wiring through the house, took out the satellite dish, boxes, one television, one computer, and a variety of small things), our landlady sent the Handyman from Hell (cheapest handy man on the planet) to the house. Oh God, the crappy handyman. The strike took out all of the above but also the stove (and the air conditioner, Summer near the Mississippi 109 degrees in the shade) which Handyman said it hadn’t and it was just the outlet that was damaged. He replaced the outlet (which was more expensive than the stove), yea him. The next day the electric burns up my hand and the ones all over the wall proved it wasn’t the outlet. It was now though because the ruined stove took the new one out too. They spent three days looking for a used stove so she didn’t have to pay for a new one. The basic cheapy one at Sears would have been cheaper. But, you can’t tell the ditzy landlady can you???

    I feel your Ditzy Landlady pain, I hope yours is without an accompanying Handyman from Hell.

    Is the new refrigerator in and cooling??


  12. Hey vixen, I bet if you tell you’ll buy the fridge YOU want and deduct it from the rent she’d get it done faster. lol.. nothing like offering to mess with someone’s money…

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