Another Day


It’s hard to believe
That lives keep on moving on
While mine stands so still
My mind is quiet
Almost expectant I’d say
Unsure what’s to come
Watching them in pain
Is the hardest part to bear
Mom can’t kiss better
How can I mend them
Piece of their hearts missing
My glue not enough
I can’t imagine
How time will ease suffering
No one prepared us
We stumble blindly
A fog of grief and despair
While the world spins by
Reality still
Has not touched me yet, as I
Still expect him home

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  1. Wow…what a powerful Haiku!

  2. Thank God for writing. And faith.

  3. Excellent expression of your feelings. Very impression. My love, support and empathy are here for when you might need them. HUGS!

  4. Keep letting it out, this is a great way to do this.
    Is there counselling for them to attend? I know our hospital had it for us.
    I’m praying, life goes on, I know that is hard to feel now, but unless you haven’t said so, there will be another chance God willing.
    You know I’m here.

  5. (((hugs)))

  6. a hole in her heart
    rocking in the arms of God
    – a grandmother’s grief


  7. Very very sorry about your loss. I can’t even imaging the pain of losing a child/grandchild. My best wishes go out to you and yours.

  8. I’m so sorry you are feeling this pain.

  9. Beautifully haiku’d, even if it’s sad. Time won’t erase the pain, but it will make it more tolerable, eventually. Hang in there.

  10. If you need a stranger to vent to, email me. I know what it is like to feel like things are going on around you and your world is standing still. It rocks you to the core. Praying for your family. You will feel better. It takes time, but you will feel better.

  11. Wow. Powerful, beautiful and amazing.
    I am touched and truly sorry for this pain.
    There are a million cliches that can be said, but none can ease the pain.
    My prayers are with all of you.

  12. Writing is the only thing that holds me together some days. I hope you and your family begin to heal soon.

  13. Vixen,
    This is a heartfelt post full of love and compassion. You are a good and loving mom. God bless you with the strength you need at this time. Sending you love.

  14. My heart goes out to you and your family. Oh, the pain, I can only begin to imagine.

  15. Very beautiful Haiku!!!! Still sending our Love Vixen ?

  16. I just read your Haiku (beautiful). I back tracked through your blogs to August 10. After crying — feeling each painful moment I stopped and said a prayer asking God to help you Funsize and McDougle find peace. It is hard — the day we lost our own sweet grandson, Grayson, will always be in my heart as losing Collin will be in yours. But God give us strength and peace. Be Blessed.

  17. “We stumble blindly
    A fog of grief and despair
    While the world spins by”

    by far my favorite part!
    Keep the Haiku’s coming!

  18. That was so touching I had to stop myself from crying.
    I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a little one. I have a five month old and I don’t know what I would do if I lost him.

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