I still don’t have internet at home. Let’s hear a great big round of applause for A(bysmal) T(ortuous) T(elecommunications), truly the finest customer service on the planet. I never thought I could spend so many hours on hold, only to finally speak on the crapiest line ever to someone in India not once, but twice yesterday. And then they were nice enough to tell me the offices were closed and I could call again today! Isn’t that nice?

Today I was gifted with a 46 minute conversation (after being on hold for 21 minutes) with someone who says there is a problem with the line and it should be hooked up today. Then she took a deep breath and said, “or tomorrow”.

Tomorrow the infamous Mom of Vixen arrives! And then we go into super, creative, decorating, cooking mode for Funsize‘s baby shower on Sunday. Hopefully, sometime there will be internet and I can share stories! And pictures!


Crying UNCLE


I Can't Breathe


  1. Yeah this is why we got rid of ATT, they were the worst for CS and were a pain to deal with. a visit from my mum would be hell….have fun getting ready for the shower though. Hugs!

  2. Mar

    I wondered when Watermelon was going to make his debut… must be close now.

    I have 2 baby showers to plan, can’t wait to hear what you do so I can just steal your ideas!

  3. aaah cvustmer service the biggest most useless thing in the business world

    they should strike thise two words from the english language it doesn’t exist anymore

  4. We just switched to them, and it was a disaster! It took them 3 days of going to the WRONG address before they finally made it to our house.

    Baby showers are so much fun! I can’t wait to see tons of pictures!

  5. Oh … I do feel for you. I’ve not had good luck with AT&T either and I’m sorry you have to deal with them. I’ve given up phone companies entirely (except for VerizonWireless for my cell coverage) and have Time Warner Cable service for Internet, TV and Phone. It isn’t cheap, but it does work most of the time … and when it goes down, they get it up and running quickly. I hope things get straightened out for you soon.
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. You’ve got my sympathy as well – not just AT&T, though, it’s a worldwide phenomenon! We waited a month for our net.

  7. Just when I thought telecommunications were bad here in my neck of the woods. Hope you get your problems sorted out quickly.

  8. We had ATT, too. I dumped them, but I’ll tell you, I think service at these places is just that way everywhere now.

    It’s sad because they have no problem charging up the ying yang, but if their service doesn’t work, it’s like “too bad for you”…

    Hope it all gets fixed soon!


  9. hope it gets fixed soon my friend. 🙂

  10. Boy, I like this new template. I like the color and it’s easy to use. I could never find the comments on the old one…. Am I in the right place? Will you email me if I miss something?

    Esh…. losing it I think ….

    Anyway, I hope this is it because it’s soooo much easier for me to use

  11. Cindi

    It isn’t just AT&T I assure you. We experienced these horrid type problems with our cable company in Miississippi prior to the big move. It caused our change to satellite and we won’t return. That became almost – a l m o s t comical though not quite.

    I hope that the baby shower is tons of fun. We have had so many people having babies lately. God tiny babies are like crack. I just can’t get enough of them and the more I snuggle the more I got to have. =-)


  12. Ahh don’t ya hate it when you get terrible customer service. I am really lucky with my Internet provider here in Australia… their support team is in the same country and are quite helpful.

    I really think that providers need to take more responsibility for the terrible customer service they provide.

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