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The weekend has ended and it’s back to work for me. Mr. Vixen is over hanging out with Funsize, as MacDougal had to return to work today.

Moments just keep happening and we just take them as they wash over us, sometimes able to laugh along the way:


Mr. Vixen informs me he had a dream about Collin. Something about building a mantle-like shelf and other stuff, when he says “And the mantel looked so great with all of his rosemarys hanging from it.”  Me: “His what?” Mr. Vixen: “You know, his rosemarys.” Me: “Collin had herbs hanging from his mantle?!” Mr. Vixen: “No. The rosmarys, the one you gave him, the one you gave MacD, the ones he was baptised with. Those ones.” Me: “You mean rosaries?” Mr. Vixen: “Yeah, that’s what I said. His rosmarys.”


I gave our Basset Hound a bath and took her out front to brush her. Of course, my little neighbor D (now six!) comes over to rub her belly as usual. Also as usual, she has many questions. D: “So, when Gwennie was a little baby dog, was she a Chihuahua or a puppy?”


At mass on Sunday (Nannygoat was very, very concerned about how the sweet, but excitable Ladybug would behave at her first time to mass) Ladybug is so quiet and thoughtful and generally surprised everyone (except me!) with her good behavior. At one point she scooted down the aisle to sit with me and I whispered to her, “You are being such a good little girl. So quiet and well-behaved. I am sooo proud of you. I love you so much.” To which Ladybug whispers back, “Yea… Grama do you have any apple juice?”


I am hoping that tomorrow I can post some awards I received (some recently and some long, long, long ago).

Until then…

Happy Monday, all.


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  1. You made me giggle. Rosemary’s..chihuahuas….thank you, I needed that.

  2. Rosemary and apple juice, the lost Commandments I think.

  3. gramas should ALWAYS have apple juice…even at church! lol!

  4. Hooray for happy moments!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and encouraging me!

  5. this is one cute and happy post, Vixen. Thanks for sharing, it brought some smiles.

  6. Heh. Gotta love the chihuahua one.

  7. Too funny, I was reading Rosemary, but understanding Rosary.. actually took me till the end to figure out what was going on… lol..

    BTW you were tagged at my blog..
    ?Lisa C.

  8. Hehehehe these are all so adorable. Laughter is excellent medicine, and I hope you find more little smiles like these.

  9. Glad to see you thinking happy thoughts :O)

  10. you are the only other person i have seen spell grama the way i do! i have a hard time actually spelling it the right way!

  11. People always ask my sister if her Boston Terrier/chihuahua is a “miniature Pit.”

    I always want some juice when I’m in church, too. Or a vodka lemonade. Is that wrong???

  12. Home run! Great slnguigg with that answer!

  13. Mata pena (kata2) lebih tajam dari mata pedang. Bila hati dah terasa & panas, mulalah cakap yg bukan2. Alhamdulillah masyarakat dah mula sedar dgn tipu muslihat golongan UMNO/BN.

  14. Mange flotte ønsker… Jeg likte søppelbøtten veldig godt 🙂 tredemølle har jeg ogsÃ¥ ønsket meg lenge, hihi… Kitchen Aid og Iphone stÃ¥r ogsÃ¥ høyt pÃ¥ ønskelista mi 😉 – flotte ønsker – ha en riktig god natt, klem fra Mette

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