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Edited to add: Please go here and leave Funsize and MacDougal a quick thought: and if you are able they both would appreciate donations in Collin’s name to the Ronald McDonald House or here in Collin’s name.

It appears that when the world around you has come to a sudden, abrupt halt the rest of the world just keeps going on without you. There was an entire weeks worth of work on my desk this morning.

I have internet at home, sort-of. The hard line works in Bear’s bedroom, but my wireless (and thus my laptop) is “unable to renew your IP address.” No idea what this means except that I will need to call India tech support again to get it fixed.

I am getting through this two ways: I concentrate on taking care of MacD and Funsize (can you say distraction?) and the love and support of my family and friends. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Nanny, Bear, Lloyd, Fishboy, Sparkles, my mom, dad, step mom, step dad, sister, brother, aunt and cousin. Also to the wonderful people at Funsize’s, MacDougal’s and my work. And, of course, to all of you who sent me notes and comments of support and love and positive thoughts.

It would not have been a true family event if we didn’t laugh in the face of adversity and this time I managed to win the prize for most outrageous. It seems I failed to recognize my own sister at the funeral service and actually introduced myself to her. Embarrassing and humiliating, but hysterically funny when re-told later.

I went away over the weekend. My work had long ago planned a get away for the entire company and it seemed perfect timing to take a breather since MacDougal and Funsize were well attended by family. We went on a wine tasting tour, to dinner, a Pink Floyd Laser Show and spent the night at the hotel. All compliments of the world’s greatest boss (mine!). I also managed to donate some money to the local Indian tribe via the slot machines at the casino. I hope they use the money well.

Things will never be the same, but life goes on and I am following along in my usual meandering way.


Yeah, So I Lost My Way


NOT Wordless Wednesday for the first time in two years


  1. DJ

    Nothing like a little humor to help the healing along!

  2. Still praying for you all whenever God brings you to mind. Ok the part about not recognizing your sister is going to live on forever I think….

  3. Humor is a blessing in disguise when it helps to heal the hurt, I am sorry your anniversary fell within this time, but know some things happen because they are meant to. Glad you had a chance to get away. You know if you need to talk, I’m an email away.

  4. Mar

    Leave it to you to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Your faith continues to amaze me.

    Glad things are getting back to “normal”.


  5. I’m glad you were able to get away. My thoughts and prayers are still with you all.


  6. You’re not supposed to be of sound mind when terrible things happen, even to the point of not recognizing your sister. I’ll bet they are going to tease you about it at every opportunity until the end of time though! I’m glad you got a chance to get away. Sometimes that makes a world of difference. Thinking of you. HUGS

  7. Glad you were able to get away for a minute. Always thinking of you, and hoping you are all doing okay.

  8. Still thinking of you and praying for you and the whole family.



  9. I wish I didn’t recognize my sister. Ugh. Glad you had some fun to take your mind off things!

  10. Still in my thoughts.

  11. Glad you were ble to get away for a little while….I hope you feel better soon…

    on the other hand…I also found it pretty funny that you didn’t recognize your own sister…I do stuff like that all the time…

  12. Humor, I believe is our natural safety blanket for times of overwhelming emotion. You realize of course you will never live down not recognizing your sister.

    At least you got a chance to get away.

  13. You do what you need to do to survive. Some days just getting through one minute at a time is a great feat.

    Humor does help. Or it has and does help me. I wish I could help you. Hugs.

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